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Dr. Edward Fry's Books on Language Skills:
Reading, Phonics, Spelling, Writing, Keyboarding

Dr. Fry has been a Professor of Education and Director of the Reading Center
 at Rutgers University and Loyola University in Los Angeles.
He has written many textbooks for students and teachers and is widely known for
the famous Instant Word list and his Readability Graph.

Most of these books are listed on our sister site, Barb's Teaching Help, and can be purchased directly on line there if you prefer to order that way. I am still processing your credit cards, but you don't have to call or email me. To find a listing there of all these books, just type Edward Fry in the author field of the search engine there and click search.



1000 Instant Words: The Most Common Words for Teaching Reading, Writing, and Spelling. Use this as a basic tool for teaching reading and writing. The author suggests ways to test your students for their level so that you can begin teaching at the appropriate skill level. At the end of the book the Dr. Fry shares some methods for teaching the Instant Words: games, flash cards, reading practice, and spelling lessons. Picture Nouns supplement the instant Words for use as concrete, easy visualized words to help students in reading and writing meaningful sentences.

These are the words that must be taught to students at ability levels of grades 1-3, for remedial reading, and for ESL and adult education. since this book was designed to be used with many ages, there are no childish pictures to make older children and adults uncomfortable.

This manual includes the following: 1,000 Instant Words in order of rank; 1,000 Instant Words in alphabetical order, Instant Word test for determining level, instructions for teaching the Instant Words, and the picture nouns beside their pictures. Suggestions are given for using the words to teach both reading and spelling. BTH-24. $8.99-D


Dr. Fry's Instant Word Flashcards: The Most Common Words for Reading and Spelling. These come in two separate packages, 50 words to a package. Flashcards are 4' by 6" and have an instant word printed on one side and the other side is blank. One card in each set has a numbered list of all 50 words in that set. Together, sets A and B provide a way to practice  the 100 words that make up 50% of all reading and writing words.      These have gone out of print. We suggest substituting the Edupress Sight Words in a Flash Sets in place of these.

Sight Words in a Flash sets contain more words -- 169 words per set. They are color coded, UV-coated, 2" x 4" cards with colorful borders and rounded corners for durability. Two included sort-and-store rings allow you to organize smaller practice sets and easily organize the cards by color. Four sets are available. Sets are $10.79-D each. These need to ship priority mail, which before May postal hike will be $5.60 for one set or $10.00 for two or more sets. If you use the shopping cart links, please specify expedited shipping. I will give you the prices quoted here when I process your order -- as long as I get it before May 1, 2008. After than my price will still be lower than the shopping cart calculates in most cases.

    Sight Words in a Flash Set 1, Beginning -- for grades K-1. BTH-3608
Sight Words in a Flash Set 2, Intermediate-- for grades 1-2. BTH-3609
Sight Words in a Flash Set 3, Advanced-- for grades 2-3.BTH-3610
Sight Words in a Flash Set 4, Challenge-- for grades 4+. BTH-3611




Instant Word Practice Book Grades K-3. Contains center activities, spelling activities, word wall ideas, and assessment materials.  This book helps students practice the 300 words which make up to 65% of all written material in the English language. These must be recognized instantly for efficient and fluent reading. This book is designed for K-3 classroom teachers, reading teachers, and special education teachers.

Each unit focuses on ten Instant Words with six types of activity pages:

    Flashcards to be copied, cut out, and used by students
    Write the Words: students write the ten words featured in the unit, focusing on spelling
    Word Find Puzzles: two levels of word search puzzles that challenge the students to locate the Instant Words.
    Sentence Activities: Students match sentences with pictures, match pictures with sentences, or write the words in sentences.
    Word Choice: Students pick the Instant Word to be used in each sentence, using context clues, and then write the word they have chosen.
    Just For Fun: Students get additional reinforcement in one of five formats: word scramble, missing letters, anagrams, mystery words, and letter squares.

272 pages, including answers, reproducible for classroom use. BTH-235. $22.49-D




Beginning Writers Manual: Spelling Checker, Grammar Rules and Suggested Topics.  A reference book for students third grade and above. Handy for checking spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Contains a 7000 list of the most commonly written words and their common variants, and instruction in sentence construction, verb use, parts of speech, prewriting, revising, and proofreading. Students are offered title suggestions, sample opening sentences and story enders and they learn about dialogue, imagery, and metaphors. There is space for developing a personal spelling list.  Sample letters and  a book report form are provided.  There are also suggestions for keeping a daily journal and improving vocabulary. Size: 7 x 9 inches. 144 pages, including index. BTH-494. $14.95*




How to Teach Reading for Teachers, Parents, and Tutors, 5th Edition. This book offers a six step strategy for teaching young children, older remedial readers, and even illiterate adults, to read or to improve existing reading skills.  This new edition includes more emphasis on writing, fluency, and phonemic awareness to match changes in curriculum standards. These are the six steps Dr. Fry explains:

    1. Find the student's present reading ability.
    2. Select the right reading material.
    3. Stress comprehension and variety.
    4. Teach vocabulary.
    5. Teach phonics
    6. Develop writing.

One feature that I found especially interesting was the method for determining the reading level of any almost any book. After you have tested the student to determine his reading level, you can find a book at just the right level for him. And you can also know where you need to start teaching.

Also included: sample lessons, phonics charts, reading tests, teaching games, instant word lists, book selection ideas. 144 pages, including index. Pictures are appropriate for all ages. Size: 7 x 9 inches. BTH-5312. $15.29-D


Homophones Workbook Grades 3-6. This book teaches the words that spell checks can't catch -- words that sound alike and are spelled differently. This book will help students learn to use the proper homophone in the proper context. Each page of the workbook introduces a set of homophones, their meanings, and examples of their use in context. Students then fill in the blanks in ten sentences with the proper homophone. And then students are challenged to write a sentence or joke using the new homophones. 96 pages. Reproducible for classroom use. BTH-4093. $11.69




Informal Reading Assessments Grades K-8, 2nd Edition. This book is highly effective for measuring progress, planning instruction, and determining areas of difficulty. The book contains assessments for phonics, spelling, oral reading, phoneme segmentation, letter and word recognition, onset and rimes, comprehension, homophones, vocabulary, hearing, and vision. At the end of the book is a list of Dr. Fry's teaching materials that correspond to the various assessment tests. They can be used to help students improve their weak areas.    

The tests are reproducible for student use, but the book itself is addressed to teachers. the book includes interest inventories for both children and adults, instructions and forms for a parent/guardian interview, and instructions and forms for using school records. 96 pages. Regular workbook size. BTH-236. $12.59-D




Instant Words Bingo: A Game for Learning Instant Words, Grades K-2. Teacher Created Resources, 2003. This book contains all you need to make a Bingo game to teach Dr. Fry's Instant Words. Four different games are included in this book -- Set A, B, C, and D. There are directions inside for creating a diagnostic test to tell you which of the instant words the student knows so you will know which he or she still needs to learn. Then they can learn them as they play this game. 112 pages.
BTH-3671 . $11.69





Phonics Patterns: Onset and Rime Word Lists. This book contains 353 phonograms or word families like "camp, damp, lamp, etc." arranged by vowel sounds. It is one of the longest lists of phonograms available. Use it for developing phonics and spelling pattern knowledge for games, spelling or reading lessons, chalkboard lessons and work sheets. The pages are reproducible for take-home study sheets.

The term "onset" refers to the initial consonant(s) sound at the beginning of a syllable and "rime" refers to the vowel plus final consonant. This is a natural and useful way to break up or "sound out" unknown syllables and words. Breaking the syllables up into onset and rime also helps with spelling.

There are many teaching suggestions in the Preface, and the Appendix contains a diagnostic test and complete phonics charts. 64 pages. BTH-234. $8.99-D



Dr. Fry's Phonics Charts: A Complete Phonics Curriculum on 99 Charts. Teacher Created Resources, 2004. This book helps   teachers, tutors, and parents to teach and review all the phonics rules needed to read and write most words. Each chart includes sample words that use a particular phonics rule. There are also suggestions in the book on how to use the charts and the words they contain. You will also find a helpful Phonics Survey that can be used to place students in the appropriate group of charts. 96 pages. BTH-596. $14.99-D Out of Print. Only a few left.


Dr. Fry's Phonics Flashcards. Together, the two sets below contain 99 phonics flashcards with pictures and  example words of the most commonly used sounds.  Flashcards are 4' by 6."

    Dr. Fry's Phonics Flashcards Set B, BTH-2676. $6.29-D

Dr. Fry's Phonogram Flashcards. With these 51 phonograms flashcards, you can make up over 600 words by matching onset and rime cards.  Flashcards are 4' by 6."BTH-2677. $6.29-D

Dr. Fry's Alphabet Flashcards: These 52 flashcards have large capitals and lower case letters with handwriting arrows. Flashcards are 4' by 6." BTH-2678. $6.29-D

Dr. Fry's Reading Activities in Full Color: This series features full-color reading activities that are designed to reinforce reading skills. Colorful cards and activity boards help students learn important reading skills and the Instant Words that compose a high percentage of all reading material. Classroom teachers, reading teachers, and special education teachers can use these versatile activities in language arts centers and to supplement any reading program.

     Dr. Fry's Reading Activities, Grades K-1, Teacher Created Resources, 2006. Activities in this book include pronouncing phonemes, letter and sound bingo, and beginning sound sort.  176 pages. BTH-3779. $21.59-D

    Dr. Fry's Reading Activities, Grades 1-2, Teacher Created Resources, 2006. Activities in this book include blends bingo, find the missing digraph, and picture noun match.  176 pages. BTH-3778. $21.59-D

     Dr. Fry's Reading Activities, Grades 2-3, Teacher Created Resources, 2006.  Among the varied activities in this book are story puzzles, story starters, comprehension cards, activity boards, and more.  176 pages. BTH-3750. $21.59-D





Pre-Phonics Tests: Phonemic Awareness and More   Publisher: Teacher Created Materials    Paperback, Reproducible Book. Revised, 2000.  32 pages.  This is a book of simple diagnostic tests for preschool and primary children who are not yet reading or who are just beginning to learn to read. Each of the ten tests has important teaching implications, since they diagnose many of the skills required for reading readiness.

It’s not necessary to use all the tests -- just the ones which are appropriate for your situation. There are tests for Letter Names, Segmentation, Syllables, and Phonemes. Also included are Simplified Phonics Charts, a Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Chart, and a Resource List. BTH-242. $7.99. Out of Print. Supply limited to stock on hand.
Click title link to purchase with shopping cart on our sister site.




Spelling Book Levels 1-6: Words Most Needed Plus Phonics. This book contains a suggested spelling curriculum for grades 1-6. It can be used in schools, for home study, for remedial and ESL classes, and for adult literacy. it contains all the words for 195 weekly spelling lessons, a complete set of phonics skills, interesting word studies, and teaching methods. There is a suggested plan for weekly study and test, parent help for studying at home, and a simple five step word study procedure for the students. Student pages may be reproduced for classroom use.

Appendixes include: Spelling Rules, Grammar Rules, Punctuation Marks, Speech Pronunciation, Personal Spelling List (instructions for), Picture Nouns, Phonics Index, Phonics Charts, Syllabication Rules, Test Sheet for Lessons 1-20, Handwriting Charts (Zaner-Bloser and D'Nealian), Spelling Progress Chart, Suggestions to Parents on Helping with Spelling, and Spelling Test (for placement). The last page is a Bibliography.
BTH-233. $22.49-D








Vocabulary Fun: Build Interest in Unusual and Useful Words   Publisher: Teacher Created Materials TCM-2765. Paperback, Reproducible Book.  Revised 2000. Condition: Slightly damaged New Book On Sale. The main purpose of this book is to awaken an interest in words -- all kinds of words. These include portmanteau words (words that are scrunched together, like brunch), clipped words, such as teen for teenager, abbreviations, contractions, onomatopoetic words, and common prefixes and suffixes.

The book is presented in four units. The first three begin with lessons and end with quizzes that test student understanding. The fourth contains three pages of cumulative final drills. For grades 4-8. BTH-243. $7.99*
 Click title link to buy with shopping cart on sister site.



Word Book for Beginning Writers: Contains 1000 Instant Words arranged with one beginning letter on each page to make it easy for beginning writers to look up spelling they are unsure of. This list contains 90% of all words a student needs to write anything. There are also pages for a student's personal list of difficult words and pages with punctuation, capitalization, and spelling rules, a handwriting chart, instruction in addressing envelopes, and more. This can serve as a language text for primary students. Regular workbook size. 64 pages. Reproducible for classroom use. Now out of print. Supply limited to stock on hand. Each book I have left has a  lightly bent bottom corner (side that opens). This does not affect the use of the book. BTH-393. $8.99*




Word Sorts: Working With Letters and Digraphs, Teacher Created Resources, 2003.  For Grades K-2. This book offers a fun way for students to manipulate pictures, sounds, and words in a meaningful way. The students simply sort the words These word sorts are for the very beginning reader. They do not require any reading ability at all, but students who are early readers can practice words while they are sorting. The exercises encourage students to learn what the letters of the alphabet look like in the context words, and they become progressively more difficult. Some digraphs are included in this book, as well. T

These word sorts are meant to support beginning reading programs -- not replace them. They can be used as center activities or they can be done individually or in groups. They can also be used for assessment. Reproducible for classroom use. 96 pages. BTH-3774. $12.59-D



Word Sorts: Working with Onsets and Rimes. For Grades K-2. This book offers a fun way for students to manipulate onsets and rimes. The students simply sort the words so that they fall into groups that have similar rimes (the vowel plus the following consonants.) The following word sorts are included: single letter onsets with long and short vowel rimes; blend and single letter onsets with long, short, and other vowel rimes; and triple sorts with less common rimes. These word sorts are for the very beginning reader. They do not require any reading ability at all. The idea is to get students to pay more attention to letter clusters that form rimes.

These word sorts are meant to support beginning reading programs -- not replace them. They can be used as center activities or they can be done individually or in groups. They can also be used for assessment. Reproducible for classroom use. 96 pages. BTH-2639. $12.59-D


Word Sorts: Working with Phonemes. For Grades K-2. This book offers a fun way for students to manipulate pictures, sounds, and words in a meaningful way.  The students simply sort the words  These word sorts are for the very beginning reader. They do not require any reading ability at all, but students who are early readers can practice words while they are sorting.  The goal  is phonemic awareness and some awareness of the fact that both single letters and digraphs (two-letter combinations) make phonemes (speech sounds). This book includes some digraphs that will be helpful in preparing students for more formal phonics lessons later. Many of the exercises require students to hear differences between sounds at the beginning of words and show the difference by sorting pictures that have similar sounds.

These word sorts are meant to support beginning reading programs -- not replace them. They can be used as center activities or they can be done individually or in groups. They can also be used for assessment. Reproducible for classroom use. 96 pages. BTH-2638. $12.59-D





Computer Keyboarding for Beginners: These 20 computer keyboarding lessons have taught thousands of students above third grade level 10-finger touch typing skills for the computer. After these 20 lessons, they could type more rapidly than they could write on paper. In today's world, computer skills are essential, and software isn't really needed. This book will do the trick very well. BTH-483. $8.99-D

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