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creat_line_dsns_group.gif (21513 bytes)Creating Line Designs: This is a well-liked series of workbooks that incorporate using a pencil and ruler to connect points on a page.  In these books, a completed pattern is shown as an example for the child to duplicate.  Each book is progressively more difficult in design, with 20 designs per book.  Students are motivated to master more difficult designs and consequently to develop their visual perception and memory.  We've also called them "pre-drafting skill workbooks," as they are designed to get students to master ruler and pencil skillsTeacher instructions and answer keys included.
$7.16-D, each book.

        Book 1, grades K-1, Cat. #GEC-1001, BTH-221
        Book 2, grades 1-3, Cat. #GEC-1002, BTH-222
        Book 3, grades 3-5, Cat. #GEC-1003, BTH-223
        Book 4, grades 4-adult, Cat. #GEC-1004, BTH-224

designs_imath1.jpg (7831 bytes)Designs in Math: In these reproducible books, students create geometric designs with a ruler by connecting the dots between a math problem and the correct answer. The activities reinforce the memorization of basic math facts, following directions, fine muscle control, visual-motor skills, and principles of design. Each book has 20 activities. A completed design can be used as a correction key or made into a transparency for classroom instruction. Each book is $7.16-D

    BTH-225: Addition                                                3rd-5th
    BTH-226: Subtraction                                           3rd-5th
    BTH-227: Multiplication                                       3rd-6th
    BTH-228: Division                                                 4th-7th  
    BTH-229: Fractions                                               5th -9th
    BTH-230: Fraction-Decimal Equivalents         5th -9th



Math Art: These are similar to Designs in Math, and show students the fundamentals of design while they practice solving their math problems and then connect the correct dots with a straight edge. Each design has a maximum of 12 problems. Each book has 20 student activity pages, teacher instructions, and an answer key. The books are $8.06-D each.

    These books are currently beginning updated to the following:
    BTH-231: Add and Subtract 0-25, 1st-2nd
    BTH-232: Multiply and Divide 0-25, 2nd-3rd

mult_puz.jpg (17344 bytes)Multiplication Practice Puzzles: The activities in this book have students complete a multiplication problem and then a subtraction (or addition) problem using the answer to the multiplication problem. After determining the final answer, they color the shape containing the problems the correct color, which is determined by the color key on the activity page. Each picture has 30 to 50 problems per page. The book has 60 different puzzles (pictures).  Teacher instructions and answer keys are included. BTH-4084. $11.66-D


rd-n-drw1.gif (14997 bytes)Read-n-Draw: Following Directions: These entertaining workbooks teach children to follow directions through exciting and informative activities.  Students build reading comprehension, as well as measuring skills, while exercising creativity through a series of drawing activities.   Twenty activities in each book make learning fun.  Teacher instructions for all of the activities are included. 48 Pages; 20 reproducible lessons.   Teacher instructions and answer keys are included. $6.26-D each book.

Book 1: Grades 3-5, Cat.#BTH-1681
Book 2: Grades 4-8, Cat.#BTH-1682

 SolvWdProb.jpg (7275 bytes) Using Visual Grids for Solving Math Word Problems: Paring down to the most essential information, young students can now see and even understand the most essential elements/terms of a word problem. There are 35 lessons in each of these books. Teacher instructions and answer keys are included. Each book is $7.16-D

Available Titles:
        Book 1: Add and Subtract 0-99 (no borrowing or carrying).
            For grades K-2. Cat. #BTH-2400
        Book 2: Add and Subtract to 999 (with borrowing or carrying).
            For grades 1-3. Cat. #BTH-2401
        Book 3: Multiplication and Division (single to triple digits).
            For grades 3-5. Cat. #BTH-3039
        Book 4: Measurements (add, subtract, multiply and divide) money, time, and more.
            For grades 4-7. Cat. #BTH-3040


This section is still under construction. GEC books on California's Missions, Geography, and Early History, as well as an wonderful laminated map of the missions can be found on our California page.

USStStud.jpg (10372 bytes)Complete Book of U.S. Studies  includes the information in U.S. Outline Maps. It also includes historical information about Native Americans living in the region before any settlers came, as well as the early settlers up to the time of statehood.    Each state also has interesting trivia facts and a word search puzzle. 219 Pages; Teacher instructions and keys are included. Grades 4th - Adult
BTH-470, $17.96-D




We also have reproducible country study books (including outline maps) for South America, The Far East, The Middle East, and Canada. We have reproducible books on the geography of the states of Washington and Texas. If you're looking for Learning the Continents or Continent Studies, we also have those. And we have U.S. Outline Maps, U.S. Geography, and the Please ask about any of these if you need information, prices, and catalog numbers.


IW-group.gif (9604 bytes)Integrated Writing for grades K-12.

Following years of field research and development, Keith Beery and the Integrated Writing Team have created the most complete and beneficial writing program ever devised.

Integrated Writing (IW) is, on the one hand, a more effective, enjoyable, and inexpensive handwriting method.  However, IW is much more than that.  IW is the only K-12 writing method which enables teachers to fully integrate writing with reading, mathematics and any other subject desired in order to promote growth in all of these areas.

IW Handwriting Instruction
Handwriting is one of the most common sources of academic problems.    Handwriting problems frequently cause students to avoid writing, thereby reducing their progress in other writing skills, as well as other subjects.  IW Foundation exercises effectively teach skills for growth in other skills.  Students at all grade levels benefit from periodic Foundations review.

IW Foundation exercises provide an integrated continuum of alphabets from which teachers can choose.  Each alphabet was created on the basis of visual-motor integration principles and has been extensively field tested by teachers.

IW exercises also provide a continuum of writing line heights, to prevent tight finger writing, ranging from 1 1/2 to 3/8 inches.  Students practice "tracking within outlines of letters, a highly effective visual-motor integration technique. 64 reproducible pages per exercise book. $4.46-D each book.
    IW Readiness, Cat. #BTH--1792. $4.46-D

    IW Print, Cat. #BTH--1794. $4.46-D

    IW Script, Cat. #BTH--1793. $4.46-D

    IW Transition, Cat. #BTH--1795. $4.46-D

    IW Cursive, Cat. #BTH--1796.$4.46-D Out of Print, Not Available

Integrated Writing Professional Manual: Your K-12 Teammate in Teaching by Keith E. Beery and the Integrated Teaching Team, 2003, spiral bound. This is the book that puts the whole program together. It explains the Integrated Writing Program and how it works. To teach this program the teacher must (1) Do pre and post evaluations. (Test packets are available for each grade) (2) Choose an alphabet. (3) Teach the foundation skills (4) Integrate the instruction into other subjects. (This is done with the help of a computer font CD, also available, for Mac or Windows 3.0 and up. )

The rest of the Professional Manual is devoted to explaining each process of this program  and at the end provides some teacher support material, including samples of alphabets, sample letters to parents, and a bibliography. BTH-1797. $8.96


Integrated Writing (IW)Test Professional Kit by Keith E. Beery. This kit contains a Professional Manual (Teacher's Manual for administering the test, not to be confused with the Integrated Writing Professional ), and a test packet for each grade level (2 &3, 4, 5 &6, 7-9, and 10-12). Test packets consist of 35 student test booklets and one classroom record form. In short, this kit has everything the teacher needs to do the pre and post evaluations for the Integrated Writing Program at all levels. Since this is really the weight of six books, postage is more than for one. . Priority mail would be $8.50. Media mail, which averages 1-2 weeks, but can take longer, is $5.00. (For United States shipping only.) BTH-1798. $44.96-D. This is a great value, since if contents were purchased separately, they would add up to $59.94

If you would like to the test booklet package for just one of the levels separately, they may be purchased for $8.99-D each. (See individual levels above.) Just contact me.


Integrated Writing Auto-Lined Fonts. These are used to integrate any subject with handwriting. Create any lesson (including math) and the outlined letters print out complete with writing line in the alphabet you selected. Students can then track inside the lessons you created, in addition to completing the lesson. All four alphabets and the readiness shapes are included on the CD. Please note: Adobe Type Manager is required for use in PC compatibles. The CD is licensed for use on one computer, and is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows 3.0 +. BTH-1800. $9.95* No longer available.


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