How to Make Books With Children: Holidays and Celebrations by Jill Norris and Joy Evans. ©1997.The great ideas, information, and forms will help your students create 44 different books in observance of 38 different traditional and nontraditional holidays. In addition to complete directions and writing suggestions, the book-making projects in Holidays and Celebrations provide historical background and facts about events, and a list of fiction and nonfiction books for your and your students' reference.

Traditional holidays include: Independence Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, and Mother's Day. Other holidays and celebrations include: Arbor Day, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, Lincoln's Birthday, Washington's birthday, Earth Day, Grandparents' Day, Groundhog Day, April Fools' Day, and multicultural observances such as Kwanza, Cinco de Mayo, Native American Day, Chinese New Year, and more

There are a variety of book types: shape books, flap books, hinged books, pop-up books, flip books, layered books, pull-tab books, wheel books, and more. Simple, attractive line art provided for every project. Plenty of writing suggestions and reproducible patterns and writing forms included. All 160 pages perforated for easy removal. For grades 1-6. BTH-5195. $15.26-D

How to Make Books With Children:Literature and Writing Connections by Jill Norris and Joy Evans. ©1997. This resources has 39 book-making projects . You can make shape books, pop-up books, three-part books, flap books, accordion books, pull-tab books, wheel books, and more. Accompanying each project is a list of literature references and several writing suggestions. Each project also includes an original poem, and an extension activity that may bring in other curriculum areas, such as science, art, or dramatic play.

Literature references include fiction and nonfiction and span grade levels whenever possible. Book writing topics include: mitten, cat, chicken, moon, pig, school bus, lamb, shoe, egg, my shadow, purse, dragon, Red Riding Hood, lunch box, dog, cookie, cave, my bear, What's under the bed?, crocodile, What's in the cupboard?, duck, alien, What's in my pocket?, whale, eagle, worm, garden ABCs, the insect's tale, mouse, window, riddle-bag book, hat, gift, the sun through the window, castle, cloud, and penguin.

Fun, instructive line art illustrations throughout. All 160 pages perforated for easy removal.
BTH-1596. $15.26-D


How to Make Books With Children:Making Books with Beginning Writers by Jo Ellen Moore, ©1999. 160 pages. For grades K-2. Each of the 22 topics in this handy resource starts with pre-writing suggestions, a list Each of the 22 topics in Beginning Writers starts with prewriting suggestions—a list of current literature to read and oral language experiences that build vocabulary and background for writing.

Your students can then create the type of book that suits their individual writing levels. There are blank forms for picture stories, cloze forms for "complete the sentences" stories, and lined forms for written stories. Top off each student's story with a charming, reproducible cover.

Using the same forms, you can make group books, too. Each topic has two group-book ideas and clip art to enhance the books.

The 22 fun topics are:
cookie jar; circus tent; duck; shoes; truck; moon; piggy bank; doghouse; lunch box; pocket; fishbowl; camping; pet cage; chicken coop; toolbox; jar; purse; mailbox; soup pot; seed packet; bucket; nests.BTH-5194. $15.26-D