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Elementary Grades / Secondary Grades

Featured Series

Core Skills Reading Comprehension Series / Edupress Reading Comprehension Activities /
Steck-Vaughn Exploring Comprehension  / Steck-Vaughn Summarizing Strategies
Steck-Vaughn Leveled Reading / Reading Comprehension Across the Genres
Reading Workout / Reading Comprehension in the Content Areas
Steck-Vaughn Reading Comprehension Wags and Tags Series

  Quick Flip Questions for Reading Comprehension by Pat Johnson. 2007. This wonderful tool will help teachers and librarians enhance their lesson plans, while students will find help in understanding text, developing higher levels of thinking, and interpreting and analyzing what they read. For all levels in the middle grades on up. 16 pages. BTH-3620. $3.59-D See all the other flip charts for critical thinking, language, history, and science.

Elementary Grades

I wrote an article on reading comprehension you might also find interesting: Previous Knowledge in Content Areas is Essential to Reading Comprehension
Several books on this page will help to teach content and comprehension together.

READ: Read, Explore, and Discover: These story and activity books for younger readers are colorful attractive workbooks for students in grades Prek to 2. Each grade has two levels. Step In is for  more inexperienced readers who need shorter stories with simpler sentences. As readers progress and can handle longer stories and sentences, they are ready for Step Up workbooks. These books are very motivating and look like fun. They will engage your young readers. These are great for parents who want to give their children a head start in reading or for home schools.

Reading Skills 100+ Series, Instructional Fair, 1990. Imaginative and fun activities help students enjoy practicing reading skills such as following directions, sequencing, vocabulary, classifying, main idea, drawing conclusions, listening, prefixes and suffixes, predicting outcomes, cause and effect, inference, and thinking skills. Activities include puzzles, making new words from prefixes and suffixes, finding antonyms, word searches, correcting sentences, completion and filling in blanks, unscrambling words to find main idea of pictures, coloring, and many more. The variety will prevent boredom. Available titles:

    Reading Skills Grades 1-2. BTH-5299. $11.69-D

    Reading Skills Grades 3-4.  BTH-5216.  $11.69-D

    Reading Skills Grades 5-6. . BTH-5300. $11.69-D

    Reading Skills Grades 7-8. . BTH-5301. $11.69-D


Authentic Reading Practice, Grades 1-3 by Jo Ellen Moor and Jill Norris. Evan-Moor, 2001. This book gives students practice in the kinds of reading they will need in real life. They will learn to read names, labels, signs, the calendar, and other things they will encounter in a school environment. They will also learn to follow written directions in school subjects, recipes, making things, etc. Everyday reading skills outside of school are also presented, such as reading food packaging and labels, price tags, maps and directories, letters and postcards, and menus. Students will also learn to read at the supermarket -- product names, shopping lists, coupons, advertising, checks, and receipts. Last, but not least, students will learn to read for information in nonfiction books, charts and diagrams, reference books, and magazines. Answers to exercises are provided. 288 pages. BTH-4544. $22.49-D

Authentic Reading Practice, Grades 4-6 by Jo Ellen Moor and Jill Norris. Evan-Moor, 2001. This book gives students practice in the kinds of reading they will need in real life. They will learn to read forms and applications, signs and advertisements, directions, newspapers, and magazines. They will learn to interpret pictures and charts; find, record; organize and evaluate information they read and take notes and make outlines. They will also learn how to find information quickly in important reference books.  Answers to exercises are provided. 288 pages. BTH-4545. $22.49-D

ByndCod1.gif (10926 bytes)Beyond the Code, designed to be used alone or with Explode the Code, Books 1-4. For grades K-2.


Building Comprehension Grade 4 (Vocabulary Grade 2) by Ellen M. Dolan and Sue D. Royals. Milliken, 1999. Books in this high-interest, low-vocabulary series feature diversified subject matter. The contents include current personalities, popular sports figures and events, ghosts, monsters, and mysteries, visual and performing arts, disasters, excerpts from legends and mythology, and amazing facts and wonders in science and nature. The books feature stories with a controlled vocabulary that averages about two reading levels below the grade level in the title. The books maintain a male-female, ethnic, and geographic balance in the selections. Follow-up questions reinforce key comprehension skills. These include: recognition of main idea, significant details, word meaning in context, inference, and drawing conclusions. Questioning format varies to avoid predictability. Answer key is provided. Reproducible for classroom use. 44 pages. BTH-4752. $8.06-D Books are also available for grades 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Catalog numbers for these are below.

    Building Comprehension Grade 5 (Vocabulary Grade 3) BTH-5283
    Building Comprehension Grade 6 Vocabulary Grade 4) BTH-5284
    Building Comprehension Grade 7 Vocabulary Grade 5) BTH-5285
    Building Comprehension Grade 8 (Vocabulary Grade 6) BTH-5286
    Building Comprehension Grade 9 (Vocabulary Grade 7) BTH-5287


EP-185.jpg (26088 bytes)Comprehension Crosswords by Edupress: This great new series builds reading comprehension skills through high interest reading selections which team with the appealing crossword puzzle format. From responding to what, when, where and how questions at the first grade level to summarizing and paraphrasing information at the sixth grade level, students learn to recall characters and facts, summarize main points, define main ideas, and enrich their vocabularies. Topics for each book in this new series were chosen to align with standards for each grade level in the areas of social studies, science, and language arts. 32 pages in each book. Order by grade level. Answer keys in back. Available for grades 1-6. Appealing graphics at all levels increase interest in the reading selections and puzzles. Print size and length of reading selections are grade-appropriate.  $4.49-D

    Grade 1, BTH-1337
    Grade 2, BTH-1338
    Grade 3, BTH-1339
    Grade 4, BTH-1340
    Grade 5, BTH-1341
    Grade 6, BTH-1342


Critical Conditioning, by Kathyrn Stout. Part of the Design a Study series. Describes and explains the comprehension skills necessary to complete a K-8 curriculum, and serves as a reference for high school students. It teaches children to evaluate what they read, how to recognize propaganda techniques and how to recognize the elements and types of literature and understand each form of literature . The book also addresses SQRRR study skills,  and reading speeds, and contains helpful discussion and activity ideas.

This is not a workbook, but a guide for the teacher as he/she plans the curriculum and lessons. It's use will enhance any curriculum you may be using, or it can stand alone as a guide to comprehension and literature. $9.00*

EMC00639.gif (16402 bytes)Evan-Moor Reading Comprehension materials for all grades provide a comprehensive resource of stories and skills pages to supplement any core reading program. Books contain at least 20 stories, each followed by four to five pages of activities to practice reading skills. 144 pages. $15..29-D each book.


EM-4511.gif (31127 bytes)Evan-Moor Reading Practice at Home Series: Each book contains 14-17 stories charmingly illustrated in full color. Each story is followed by activity pages to practice comprehension, vocabulary, and other reading skills. Each book includes 16 pages of pull-out practice cards printed on card stock and an answer key. Each book is 160 pages. Available for grades K-4.  These have been discontinued by the publisher, but if you follow these links, you can buy them on line if they are still available, or you can call me or email me as usual if you don't like buying on line. $13.46-D This series is out of print, so click links to check availability.

Reading Practice at Home - Grade K -- CAT. # BTH-693 

Reading Practice at Home - Grade 4   --CAT. # BTH-69



Exploring Comprehension Skills Series by Steck-Vaughn. 2008. Books in this series provide grade appropriate, direct, explicit instruction of reading skills as specified in the Reading Next recommendations. The books focus on six areas: facts, sequence, context, main idea, conclusion, and inference. The reading selections cover the following topics: science, social studies, history, sports, arts and biographies. There are various lesson formats for each skill, including standardized test formats with multiple choice and short answer. There is also a writing component. Appropriate for individual use. Reproducible for classroom use. Bound-in answer key is included. 128 pages.  $15.29-D each.

    Exploring Comprehension Skills Grade 3, BTH-3526. $15.29-D
    Exploring Comprehension Skills Grade 4, BTH-3527. $15.29-D
    Exploring Comprehension Skills Grade 5, BTH-3528. $15.29-D
    Exploring Comprehension Skills Grade 6, BTH-3529. $15.29-D
    Exploring Comprehension Skills Middle School, BTH-3530. $15.29-D



Focus on Reading Comprehension by Barbara Doherty and Charlotte Jaffe. Educational Impressions, 2004. Reproducible. 112 pages. For grades 3-5. The motivating activities in this book focus on following directions, sequencing, using context clues, finding the main idea, identifying supporting details, predicting outcomes, making inferences, comparing and contrasting, finding cause and effect relationships, and interpreting and evaluating information. The activities are designed to be used with students of varying skill levels, and are arranged from the easiest to the most difficult. Most worksheets include a "challenge" activity for enrichment or for use by students with  higher skill levels. BTH-2079. $15.26







Instructional Fair Basic Skills Language Arts Series: Summarizing: Focusing on Main Ideas and Details and Restating in Concise Form,

    Summarizing, Grades 1-2 by Renee Cummings. Instructional Fair, 2001. This book uses guided activities to help students learn this skill. Students will progress from selecting main ideas and details to writing their own summaries. As this skill is practiced and achieved in reading, the student will naturally begin to use the skill in writing and speaking. This book contains cross-curricular topics as well as fiction. It provides opportunities for students to summarize material that is familiar and relevant to daily life such as maps, lists, recipes, and schedules. 48 pages, including answers. BTH-4608. $6.29-D

    Summarizing, Grades 3-4 by Cindy Karwowski.  This book uses guided activities to help students learn this skill. Students will progress from selecting main ideas and details to writing their own summaries. As this skill is practiced in reading, students will naturally begin to use the skill in writing and speaking. This book is especially designed to help practice the concept of summarization by modeling examples of summaries and providing practice in pinpointing important events in stories, poems, and cartoons.  48 pages, including answers. BTH-4609. $6.29-D

     Summarizing, Grades 4-6 by Norm Sneller.  This book uses guided activities to help students learn this skill. Students will progress from selecting main ideas and details to writing their own summaries. As this skill is practiced in reading, students will naturally begin to use the skill in writing and speaking. This book provides activities that will give students the opportunity to discuss, examine, choose, and write summaries. It will also provide the chance to practice using active verbs, and colorful, interesting nouns in their work. 48 pages, including answers. BTH-4610.. $6.29-D

Leveled Reading Series by Steck-Vaughn. If you loved using the Pair-it Books, you should like these, since they are the Pair-it Books in another form. Each of the books in this series offers a selection of carefully leveled passages within a specific genre to supplement learning. These selections (at least most of them) appeared earlier in the Pair-it Books. But the selections in these books are not paired. To make pairs you'd have to buy all of the books. But if you already have the Pair-it Books, you could use these to supplement with the included comprehension exercises not contained in the Pair-it Books.

The books in this series offer high-interest topics; exercises to build vocabulary, writing, critical thinking, and comprehension skills; and multiple reading levels in each book.  Illustrations are in black and white and the pages are all reproducible for classroom use. Each selection is followed by three activity pages: one with reading comprehension questions, one with vocabulary exercises, and one with a critical thinking activity. These books are aimed at grade levels 2-3. 96  pages each. Here are the titles:


Summarizing Strategies: A Steck-Vaughn Series for elementary grades. The purpose of books in this series is to teach students summarizing skills -- to glean information from a variety of genres or text types and organize it in a logical way. Each of the more than 21 strategies is explained clearly with a sample reading selection, a completed graphic organizer, and a model summary. Each book includes 21 different summarizing strategies, clear explanations of concepts, over 60 reading selections, easy-to-follow models, and a Teacher's Toolbox of Graphic Organizers. Strategies taught are main idea, supporting details, creating a summary, setting, story elements, sequence of events, problems and solutions, circular stories, compare and contrast, main idea for nonfiction, summaries for nonfiction, steps in a process, fact and opinion, making predictions, analyzing characters, defining words from context, understanding graphics, cause and effect, drawing conclusions, making inferences, and discerning the author's purpose. Books in this series are available for grades 2-6.

    Summarizing Strategies Grade 2 by Karen Lowther. 2010. BTH-5347. $13.49-D 
    Summarizing Strategies Grade 3 by Karen Lowther. 2010. BTH-5348. $13.49-D   
    Summarizing Strategies Grade 4 by Karen Lowther. 2010. BTH-5349. $13.49-D
    Summarizing Strategies Grade 5 by Cynthia Guidici. 2010. BTH-5350. $13.49-D
    Summarizing Strategies Grade 6 by Cynthia Guidici. 2010. BTH-5351. $13.49-D


    Leveled Reading: Realistic Fiction, Steck-Vaughn, 2009. This book  includes these selections which appeared as Pair-it Books: Whistle Like a Bird; Benny's School Trip; I Can be Anything; A Penny Changes the Day; Nana's Kitchen; The Around-the-World Lunch; The Missing Pet; A Gift to Share; My Prairie Summer; Milo's Great Invention; The School Mural; Diary of a Pioneer Boy; and The Grand Canyon Doesn't Scare Me. Contains the following graphic organizers: Cause and Effect Chart; Character Change Story Map; Character Traits Web; Story Events Map; Compare and Contrast Chart; and Cluster Story Map. Answer Key provided. F&P Reading Levels D-T; DRA Levels 8-50. BTH-4909  $13.46. 

      Leveled Reading: Science, Steck-Vaughn, 2009. This book includes these selections which appeared as Pair-it Books: Bear Facts; Humpback Whales; Season to Season; In Hiding; Save the Sea Turtles; Animal Homes; Storms!; A Look at Spiders; Animals in Danger; Life in the Desert; inventors: Making Things Better; Think Like a Scientist; and Landforms. Also contains a KWL Chart, Compare and Contrast Chart; Venn Diagram; and Sequence Chart. F&P Levels E-V, DRA Levels 6-50. BTH-4910 $13.46. 

    Leveled Reading: Social Studies, Steck-Vaughn, 2009. This book includes these selections which appeared as Pair-it Books: Around the Neighborhood; In Outer Space; Festival Foods Around the World; Arctic Life; Castles; Amazing Trains; Corn: A Native American Gift; Farm Life Long Ago;; Laura Ingalls Wilder: An Author's Story; Cities Around the World; Explorers: Searching for Adventure; The Perseverance of Charles F. Bolden, Jr; and The U.S. President. Also contains these graphic organizers: Main Idea and Supporting Details Graphic; Sequence Chain; Compare and Contrast Chart; and Time Line. Answer Key provided.  F&P Reading Levels E-V; DRA Levels 10-50. BTH-4911.  $13.46. 

    Leveled Reading: Tales Steck-Vaughn, 2009. This book  includes these selections which appeared as Pair-it Books: Bo Peep's Sheep; Goldilocks Comes Back; Little Red and the Wolf; Every Flower is Beautiful; The Princess and the Castle; The Lion and the Mouse; How Spiders Got Eight Legs; Jenny and the Cornstalk; Minerva's Dream; Why the Leopard Has Spots; Mercury and the Woodcutter; and Pepito and the Chirimia. Also included are the following graphic organizers: Character Change Story Map; Cause and Effect Chart; Summarizing Chart (Beginning, Middle, and End); Character Profile Diagram; and Story Elements Chart. Answer Key provided.  F&P Reading Levels C-U; DRA Levels 6-50. BTH-4908.  $13.46.  



Literature Pockets: Create Student Portfolios with Pockets Full of Projects by Jill Norris and Jo Ellen Moore. Published by Evan-Moor. Include activities in the areas of comprehension, art, and writing. Various titles cover grades from K-6. $13.49-D Evan-Moor Literature Pockets






Middle School Collection: Reading Comprehension Across the Genres: Going Beyond the Literal Interpretation. Steck-Vaughn, 2007. The books in this series provide core reading skills instruction, wide exposure to genres, clear, student-friendly lessons, and a five-step exercise format. Books in this series can be used for practice, remediation, reinforcement or review, enrichment, or homework. Each grade level includes  35 lessons covering some of these genres: essays, novels, letters, reviews, cartoons, poems, scripts, journals, short stories, advertisements, functional documents, or tables and charts. Questions in the five-step format include those to ascertain basic, literal understanding; the authors' purpose, text structure, and language features; and interpretation; higher-order interpretive and critical thinking. The fifth step is an activity to extend the text by writing, listening, speaking or viewing. The books also include cross-curriculum links, graphic organizers, and bound-in answers. Books are available for grades 6, 7, and 8. Ordering information is below.

    Reading Comprehension Across the Genres: Going Beyond the Literal Interpretation Grade 6: BTH-2839. $13.49

    Reading Comprehension Across the Genres: Going Beyond the Literal Interpretation Grade 7: BTH-2840. $13.49

    Reading Comprehension Across the Genres: Going Beyond the Literal Interpretation Grade 8: BTH-2841. $13.49


Middle School Collection Reading Workout Series by Roger Farr, Elizabeth Haydel, and Kimberly Munroe. Steck-Vaughn, 2009. The books in this series are designed for middle school students who are not yet reading at grade level. They provide high interest stories -- two fiction selections, and two nonfiction selections in each of two units. Each selection  is followed by a series of exercises designed to build comprehension skills through ongoing instruction and practice in comprehension strategies; vocabulary, transition from narrative to expository text; guided reading; word analysis; phonics; and connection between reading and writing. A special feature at the end of the units is Write About It -- a structured writing lesson related to the reading selections. There are four different books in the series at different reading levels which range from 2.5-5.5. Books are 128 pages. Answers are provided.

    Reading Workout Reading Level 2.5-3.0. The two themes in this book are Onward and Upward and Choose a Challenge.BTH-4151. $15.29

    Reading Workout Reading Level 3.0-3.5. The two themes in this book are Count on Me and Do the Right Thing. . BTH-4152. $15.29

    Reading Workout Reading Level 3.5-4.5. The two themes in this book are Just Connect and Work it Out. BTH-4153. $15.29

    Reading Workout Reading Level 4.5-5.5. The two themes in this book are Take a Stand and Respect All Voices.  BTH-4154. $15.29


Nonfiction Reading Comprehension. These reproducible books are designed to help student move from learning to read to reading to learn. The nonfiction selections are presented in comprehension skill units, and each selection is linked to reading and content area standards. The comprehension questions are in standardized test format: multiple choice and short answers, so that students learn to work comfortably in that format. Teachers will find information pages at the beginning of each unit with clear instructions for teaching the skills, a skills correlation chart, and graphic organizers. 128 pages, each book. Books are available for Grades 3-4(BTH-936), Grades 5-6 (BTH-935), and Middle School (BTH-937). Each book is $13.49-D






Pairing Fiction and  Nonfiction: Strategies to Build Comprehension in the Content Areas  by Deanne Camp. Scholastic, 2006. Reading expert Deanne Camp shows how matching two high-interest books, one fiction and one nonfiction, on the same topic can boost students' engagement and comprehension in any subject area. This resource provides 15 comprehension strategy lessons for building background knowledge, learning vocabulary, summarizing, asking critical-thinking questions, and more. Also includes classroom examples with the strategy in action, research links, and a recommended literature list. 96 pages. For grades 3-5. BTH-4223. $14.39-D

Pair-It Books by Steck-Vaughn: This is a 48-book series for early primaries that balances age-appropriate literature and reading skills by pairing theme-based fiction and nonfiction softcover books for emergent readers. The patterned and predictable language combines with photos and pictures to support the text for children who are beginning to read and improve comprehension strategies. For grades K-2. Prices vary. See titles and catalog numbers.


Poetry Comprehension Skills series by Steck-Vaughn. These reproducible books meet state-specific standards with a unique approach to comprehension. Though the focus is on comprehension, the vehicle for teaching it is poetry. With the clear instructions included, any teacher .will find it easy to introduce their students to poetry in a non-threatening way. Students respond to multiple-choice comprehension questions presented in a standardized test format, along with one short-answer question in each lesson. Five graphic organizers (KWL chart, concept web, grid graph, Venn diagram, word wheel) support the various activities and skills to be developed in the lessons. A bound-in answer key is included. 96 pages. Available for grades 2-6. $11.69-D for each book. Catalog numbers are below:

    Grade 2: BTH-947
    Grade 3: BTH-948
    Grade 4: BTH-949
    Grade 5: BTH-950
    Grade 6  BTH-951

Have you ever tried to explain the difference between poetry and prose or verse? I was challenged to do that in a forum on line and here's what I came up with: Is it Poetry, Prose, or Merely Verse?



Reading Survival Skills for the Middle Grades by Imogene Forte. Incentive Publications, 1994.  Looking for something different and intriguing for reading comprehension that also involves following directions, puzzles, writing, using reference books, and other skills? Then this book is definitely worth a place in your collection of teaching materials. It's great for giving your students a change of pace from other more predictable workbooks and lessons, and it's sure to hold their interest. It covers the standard reading comprehension skills such as reading for information, recognizing main ideas, reading for details, summarizing, drawing conclusions, making inferences, predicting outcomes, distinguishing between fact and opinion, and more. It also gives practice in practical everyday reading: graphs, charts, maps, newspapers, using book parts such as index and glossary, and more.  Student pages are reproducible. 79 pages. BTH-4024. $9.89-D This book is out of print and my stock is limited.





Reading and Writing Activities for Character Education: The books in this series are packed with skill-building activities that help incorporate character education into your teaching. For each of the 18 character traits covered (appreciation, caring, citizenship, cooperation, courage, fairness, generosity, good judgment, honesty, loyalty, patience, patriotism, perseverance, respect, responsibility, self-discipline, tolerance, and trustworthiness) there is a detailed teacher guide, a thought-provoking fiction or nonfiction story, and corresponding writing activities.  Students are encouraged in the writing assignments and comprehension exercises to connect with what they've read, not just show that they understood the readings. Comprehension exercises after each story zero in on reading for detail; cause and effect; fact or opinion; drawing conclusions; sequencing; inferring, and more.  Answers are included. Reproducible for classroom use. 48 pages. Qualifies for Title I Funding.

    Reading and Writing Activities for Character Education Reading Level 2.0-3.5 by Jessica Franzene. BTH-5586. $7.19-D

    Reading and Writing Activities for Character Education Reading Level 3.5-5.0 by Jessica Franzene. BTH-5587. $7.19-D



Reading and Writing Lessons Using Graphic Organizers Grades 7-8 by Debra J. Housel. Teacher Created Resources, 2008. Graphic organizers increase students' retention of critical information, improve their thinking skills, and prepare them for standardized tests. The book contains 10 writing lessons  and 12 reading comprehension lessons, each complete with an appropriate graphic organizer. Students will summarize a plot using a Story Pyramid, compare and contrast using a Venn Diagram, generate and research questions using a K-W-L Chart, practice using accurate adjectives with an Adjective Road Map, set the scene by Addressing the Senses, persuade with facts by Building An Argument, and much more. A CD-Rom is included which contains sample and blanks graphic organizers to print out. 96 pages. BTH-5156. $14.39-D






Reading Comprehension Activities Series by Edupress. The books in this series correspond to the best-selling Reading Comprehension Practice Cards and each title comes in two different reading levels to assist in differentiation. The books include detailed teacher instruction pages, leveled reading passages, and reproducible activities. Activities are included for individuals, small groups, and the whole class. TITLE 1

   Reading Comprehension Activities:  Inference, Reading Levels 2.0-3.5. BTH-5588. $7.19-D
Reading Comprehension Activities:  Inference, Reading Levels 3.5-5.0 BTH-5589. $7.19-D
    Reading Comprehension Book, Cause and Effect, Reading Levels 2.0-3.5. BTH-5590. $7.19-D

    Reading Comprehension Book, Cause and Effect, Reading Levels 3.5-5.0. BTH-5591 $7.19-D
    Reading Comprehension Book, Main Idea, Reading Levels 2.0-3.5. BTH-5592 $7.19-D
    Reading Comprehension Book, Main Idea, Reading Levels 3.5-5.0. BTH-5593 $7.19-D
   Reading Comprehension Book, Context Clues, Reading Levels 2.0-3.5. BTH-5594 $7.19-D
    Reading Comprehension Book, Context Clues, Reading Levels 3.5-5.0. BTH-5595 $7.19-D
    Reading Comprehension Book, Reading for Detail, Reading Levels 2.0-3.5. BTH-5596. $7.19-D
    Reading Comprehension Book, Reading for Detail, Reading Levels 3.5-5.0. BTH-5597. $7.19-D
    Reading Comprehension Book, Figurative Language, Reading Levels 2.0-3.5. BTH-5598. $7.19-D
    Reading Comprehension Book, Figurative Language, Reading Levels 3.5-5.0. BTH-5599. $7.19-D


EP044 Reading Real World.JPG (6240 bytes)Real World Reading by Edupress. The activities in this book are designed to give students the skills they need for the reading experiences they will encounter in their daily lives. They are written at a grade 4-6 reading level. They adapt well to classrooms, learning centers and home school situations.  Each activity is 2-4 pages in length. The first page of each activity encourages the student to  relate the concept introduced with an event in his life.  There is also a short explanation of the real world experience and an activity that reinforces the concept just introduced, with a materials list and activity directions. There are directions for completing the worksheet or practice pages that follow, a short list of relevant vocabulary, and some things to think about and discuss. The rest of the pages let the student practice the skill prior to real  world application. Literature links are also provided.

Activities include reading signs, menus, mall directories, invitations, theater listings, television guides, recipes, business cards, messages, classified ads, table of contents, envelopes, greeting cards, travel brochures, telephone books, how-to manuals, catalogs, warranties and registrations, board game rules, food labels, maps, charts, and more. 80 pages in all.  For grades 3-5. Cat # BTH--1343. $8.99-D






Books in this series help students learn to apply reading comprehension skills across the curriculum in social studies, science, health, and math. The book uses actual textbook passages and activities and models specific comprehension approaches for students to try. At the very beginning of each book is a section on study and research skills that will be useful in all content areas. Books in this series are prefect for  bridging  the gap between reading comprehension and text content for all subjects. Books are 128 pages and include an answer key. Books are 13.49-D each.

Reading Comprehension in the Content Areas Grade 2: BTH-2473. $13.49-D

Reading Comprehension in the Content Areas Grade 3: BTH-2474. $13.49-D

Reading Comprehension in the Content Areas Grade 4: BTH-2475. $13.49-D

Reading Comprehension in the Content Areas Grade 5: BTH-2476. $13.49-D

Reading Comprehension in the Content Areas Grade 6: BTH-2477. $13.49-D


Reading Comprehension Practice Cards by Edupress. Students will truly understand what they read with the help of these easy-to-use reading comprehension cards! Students read paragraphs then answer questions about details. Perfect for center activities, homework, home school,  and filling down-time between lessons. Students read paragraphs then answer questions about details. A great review for testing! Each pack has 52, 3 x 5" self-checking question cards and two instruction cards. Each deck of cards deals with a specific comprehension skill. There are two decks at two different reading levels for each skill. See the available decks: TITLE 1


Right into Reading Program : A Phonics-Based Reading and Comprehension Program
by Jane Ervin. Published by Educators Publishing Service

    This series teaches phonics to either beginning readers or older children who have difficulty learning to read. It combines two important kinds of instruction. First, it provides a solid foundation in basic phonics, presented in a carefully ordered sequence of "bite-sized" lessons that will not discourage young students. It also contains a wide selection of reading selections that appeal to diverse interests: adventures, folk tales, history, science fiction, biographies, and animals studies. Reading formats include a map, a menu, an ad, a newspaper article and a recipe. But they only contain the phonics sounds that have been taught.

    The reading selections are a bit longer than those in many other programs (The longest in Book One are about two - three pages long.) Comprehension and critical thinking skills are integrated into the entire program. Students will need to  become involved, question, and search for answers. They will learn to see cause and effect, come to logical conclusions, and understand figures of speech. They will also develop new vocabulary and the ability to understand and use words in many contexts. Students also will have the opportunity to practice writing after every reading selection.

    Workbooks are consumable and the same format is used in each lesson so that students can concentrate on learning new skills rather than expending energy on figuring out what to do next. Each lesson begins with  a phonics rule, highlighted in red. A list of practice words follows that illustrate the rule or definition. Then activities and exercises reinforce the sound taught in the lesson, provide the opportunity for students to see the words in context, expand vocabulary, and develop comprehension and critical thinking skills. Graphics are appropriate for any elementary age child.

Book 1 covers short vowels, blends, syllables, and long vowels.

Book 2 covers consonant teams (sh, ch, th, and wh),   vowels with r and y , and irregular double vowels.

Catalog # Title Price
EPS-2601 Right Into Reading Book 1, 204 pages $12.50*
EPS-2602 Right Into Reading Book 1, Key $7.00*
EPS-2603 Right Into Reading Book 2, 240 pages $12.50*
EPS-2604 Right Into Reading Book 2, Key $7.00*



Steck-Vaughn Reading Comprehension Core Skills: Improve Comprehension Through Relevant Reading and Context-Based Vocabulary by Martha Resnick, Carolyn Hyatt, and Sylvia Freiman. Available for grades 1-8. Students get meaningful reading practice as they develop their comprehension skills. Each reading selection features scenarios to which students can relate. After each story student complete a variety of exercises to apply many different comprehension skills in context as they improve vocabulary.  Books for grades 1-3 have 160 pages. Books for grades 4-8 have 128 pages. $8.99-D each book.   

Core Skills Reading Comprehension

Grade 1

Grade 2 BTH-646
Grade 3 BTH-647
Grade 4 BTH-648
Grade 5 BTH-649
Grade 6 BTH-650
Grade 7 BTH-651
Grade 8 BTH-652




Steck-Vaughn Reading Comprehension Series:

Grade 1 Level A: Wags and Tags, BTH-442
Grade 1 Level AA: Claws and Paws, BTH-443
Grade 2 Level B: Gills and Bills, BTH-444
Grade 2 Level BB: Manes and Reins, BTH-445
Grade 3 Level C: Bones and Stones, BTH-446
Grade 4 Level D: Swells and Shells, BTH-447
Grade 5 Level E: Heights and Flights, BTH-448
Grade 6 Level F: Trails and Dales, BTH-449

Student books are now $14.16-D
Teacher Guides are $10.40-D each.
Grade 1 Level A: Wags and Tags, TG BTH-450
Grade 1 Level AA: Claws and Paws, TG BTH-451
Grade 2 Level B: Gills and Bills, TG BTH-452
Grade 2 Level BB: Manes and Reins, TG  BTH-453
Grade 3 Level C: Bones and Stones, TG BTH-454
Grade 4 Level D: Swells and Shells, TG BTH-455
Grade 5 Level E: Heights and Flights, TG BTH-456
Grade 6 Level F: Trails and Dales, TG BTH-457


Steck-Vaughn Improving Reading Comprehension Series
These reproducible workbooks provide ideal practice for standardized tests. They contain original stories and activities which are similar to the types of reading passages and comprehension questions students will face on these tests: realistic fiction, fantasy, and nonfiction.  There are age-appropriate, real-life topics. One page of story is followed by one page of activity. Each activity can give practice in up to six different comprehension skills: main idea, conclusion, sequence, context, inference, and facts. The format of the activities varies from story to story.

Each book has 96 perforated pages with a bound-in answer key.
Order by series title, grade level, and Catalog number. Be sure and include price code.
Prices are already discounted.

Improving Reading Comprehension
Grade Level Cat. # Price
Grade 2 BTH-930 $10.79-D
Grade 3 BTH-931 $10.79-D
Grade 4 BTH-934 $10.79-D
Grade 5 BTH-932 $10.79-D
Grade 6 BTH-933 $10.79-D



Steck-Vaughn High Interest Nonfiction Series

Grades 1-3

These reproducible books have 48 perforated pages of nonfiction comprehension selections and activities. The exciting stories are followed by four types of comprehension activities. The answer key is bound in. These are being discontinued by the publisher, so they are limited to what is on hand.

Grade1 BTH-952 $6.29-D

Grade 2

BTH-953 $6.29-D
Grade 3 BTH-954 $6.29-D

Grades 4, 5, and 6.

These reproducible books contain 28 stories, only 1 pages each.  Even reluctant readers will be motivated to read this collection of true adventure, mystery, escape, disaster, and rescue tales. Four types of comprehension activities follow the stories, including one which encourages students to express themselves in original writing.

Each book has 96 perforated pages with a bound-in answer key.
Order by series title, grade level, and Catalog number. Be sure and include price code.
Prices are already discounted.

Steck-Vaughn High Interest Nonfiction Series
Grade 4 BTH-955 $10.79-D
Grade 5 BTH-956 $10.79-D
Grade 6 BTH-957 $10.79-D

Steck-Vaughn High Interest Sports
Available for grades 3,4, and 5.

These high-interest selections will introduce children of both sexes to a variety of activities, games, and sports and will help them choose a sport or game to participate in themselves. The stories cover popular playground games such as kickball, jump rope and tetherball and also individual sports such as swimming, skiing, skateboarding, track and field. Provides details and some rules for teams sports: football, basketball, baseball, and more. Students can also read biographical sketches of famous players and athletes. Lessons for each topic review the details and rules of the games. Each selection is followed by comprehension questions and a project or research topic idea. If someone you teach would rather play outside than read, this is the workbook to build his/her comprehension skills.

96 perforated pages with bound-in answer key.
Order by series title, grade level, and Catalog number. Be sure and include price code.
Prices are already discounted.

Steck-Vaughn High Interest Sports
Grade 3 BTH-958 $10.79-D
Grade 4 BTH-959 $10.79-D
Grade 5 BTH-960 $10.79-D

Comprehension Skills, Series X,  by Steck-Vaughn
A Reproducible Series Available for grades 3-6

This series differs from the ones described above because it focuses on the different comprehension skill areas --facts, sequence, context, main idea, conclusion, and inference,-- one at a time, in order,
instead of mixing them up throughout the book.

In the sixty total lessons, the different skills are isolated and practiced with reading selections in
science, social studies, history, sports, and the arts.

There is an overview of each comprehension skill and an assessment for it.
There is a variety of activity formats .

Each book has 96 perforated pages with a bound-in answer key.

Order by series title, grade level, and Catalog number. Be sure and include price code.
Prices are already discounted.

Steck-Vaughn Comprehension Skills,
Grade 3 BTH-929 $10.79-D
Grade 4 BTH-938 $10.79-D
Grade 5 BTH-939 $10.79-D
Grade 6 BTH-928 $10.79-D


Steck-Vaughn Comprehension Skills Series Y
30-Book Softcover Series, Teacher's Guide, Available for Grades 2-6

When a teacher needs to focus on one specific comprehension skill or when students in the same classroom are working on the same skills at different levels, this series may offer the solution. This series develops six essential skills at each of five reading levels, but each title focuses on a specific skill in a stand-alone book. Grade levels and specific skill needs can be mixed and matched as necessary. This approach differs from the above series, in which each book covers all the skills for the same grade level. Each book is 64 pages. Books are $12.16-D each. Teacher's Guide is $12.16-D, and  covers  the entire series. It is not stated that books in this series are reproducible.

Skills covered in each level are Facts; Sequence; Main Idea; Context; Conclusion; and Inference.
Each of these is the title of a book. Rather than typing in a table with lots of catalog numbers, order like this: SV Comprehension Skills Y as series title. Then specify the title of the skill (e.g., Context), and grade level you want. Example of possible order:

3       SV Comprehension Skills Y, Grade 2 Facts,    
1       SV Comprehension Skills Y, All six grade 3 books.    
2       SV Comprehension Skills Y, Grade 5 Main Idea    

The names Comprehension Series Y is my name, not that of Steck-Vaughn. I have used them to avoid confusion between the two series that have exactly the same name without the added letter.

These books may also be ordered in sets by special order.

Steck-Vaughn Comprehension Skills Complete Library, all 30 books. $266.81-D
Classroom Reading Levels Libraries: 3 each of all 6 titles for one grade level, 18 books in all. Order by grade level.
    Classroom Reading Level Library Grade (insert Level B, C, D, E, F) would be order title. Each level is $186.26
Classroom Skills Libraries Complete 15-book set consists of 3 each of 5 grades levels for a specific skill. Order by skill.
    Classroom Skills Library Facts Set, $157.25
    Classroom Skills Library Main Idea Set, $157.25
    Classroom Skills Library Sequence Set, $157.25
    Classroom Skills Library Context Set, $157.25
    Classroom Skills Library Conclusion Set, $157.25
    Classroom Skills Library Inference Set, $157.25

It generally takes me about two weeks to get the books. For other skill specific comprehension aids, see Reading Comprehension Practice Cards








Middle and High School Grades


100+ Series Reading Skills Grades 7-8.. Instructional Fair, 1990. Imaginative and fun activities help students enjoy practicing reading skills such as following directions, sequencing, vocabulary, classifying, main idea, drawing conclusions, listening, prefixes and suffixes, predicting outcomes, cause and effect, inference, and thinking skills. Activities include puzzles, making new words from prefixes and suffixes, finding antonyms, word searches, correcting sentences, completion and filling in blanks, unscrambling words to find main idea of pictures, coloring, and many more. The variety will prevent boredom. BTH-5301. $11.69-D


Basic / Not Boring Reading Comprehension: Inventive Exercises to Sharpen skills and Raise Achievement. Middle Grades,   Series concept and development by Imogene Forte and Marjorie Frank. Exercises by Joy MacKenzie. Incentive Publications, 1997. Books in this series present a carefully researched skill sequence with exercises based on age-appropriate, high-interest themes developed by experienced teachers to make learning basic skills interesting and achievable. The exercises in this book can be used to introduce new skills, review previously taught material, assess skills and content, and encourage the use of higher order thinking skills. <P>Topics vary in this book as students identify main ideas and supporting details; explain sequence of events; distinguish between facts and opinions; summarize a story; predict outcomes; interpret charts and graphs; identify and interpret symbols; identify an author's point of view; identify figurative language; and evaluate ideas, conclusions, or opinions. 64 pages, including answers. Limited reproduction rights for classroom use. For grades 6-8. BTH-3162. $8.99-D



Mystery and Suspense: Skill Oriented language Arts Activities by Judith Steffens and Judy Carr. Learning Works.112 pages, including answers. This reproducible book, with a special appeal for adolescents,  puts individual and group reading skill lessons in a framework of suspense, horror and creative imagination. It is divided into  five sections :   Detective Stories; The Mind of the Criminal; Horror and Imagination; Vocabulary; and Skill Stretchers. Activities are identified by both title and skill to teach in the Table of Contents. There are three book report forms especially designed to go with detective and mystery books. The attractive graphics add appeal. Cat. #BTH-1251. $9.86-D


Myths and Fables: Language Arts and Reading Activities by Judith Steffens and Judy Carr. Learning Works.112 pages, including answers. This reproducible book, for grades 5-8 (gifted, grades 4-6),  contains activities to develop skills in recognizing sequences, understanding cause and effect, creating analogies, making inferences, drawing conclusions, and using figurative language. The book contains individual and group reading lessons based on Greek  myths and fables. They are specifically designed to expand vocabulary, increase understanding of literary terms, and develop skill in both literal and interpretive comprehension. Click here for more detailed information.





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