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  Algebra 1: An Incremental Development, by John Saxon. Second Edition, 11th printing, 1999. HC, glossy boards, no jacket, as issued. Cover is moderately worn and corners are bumped. Image used is of actual copy of book for sale, not a stock image.
For more condition details, most current pricing, or purchase, please follow title link above.  BTH-5968. $9.99

  Beginning Algebra with Applications by Vincent K Smith and Linda L Exley. Prentice Hall Second Edition; First Printing, 1994.  Hardcover. This book reviews arithmetic and geometry and then teaches beginning algebra. It is designed to be easy to understand. Methods and techniques are illustrated with worked examples whenever possible. Careful mathematics is stressed. The heart of the book is contained in over 5500 carefully selected exercises that develop and illustrate the ideas of algebra in a modern setting. There are extensive problems sets at the end of each section. Each of these starts with "warm-ups " which are keyed to worked examples in the text. These are followed by "Practice Exercises". These are not keyed to worked examples. There are also a few "Challenge Problems" which allow the student to probe into the natural extensions of the ideas presented in the text. All new material and teaching points of each section contain worked and annotated examples. Problem solving steps are identified and explained. Students see what is to be done and how to do it. Students never have to use a concept that has not yet been developed, since the student progresses through the books developing skills as they are needed. Answers are given for odd-numbered problems in the problem sets. 568 pages. Image used is of actual copy of book for sale, not a stock image. For condition details, most current pricing, or purchase, please follow title link above. BTH-5972. $25.95


  Student Solutions Manual for Beginning Algebra with Applications (The book listed above.) by Virginia Parks. Prentice Hall Second Printing, 1990.  Softcover. This book contains the solutions to every odd-numbered exercise and all the problems in the Chapter Tests for Beginning Algebra with Applications by Linda Exley and Vincent Smith. Punched for three-hole binder.Image used is of actual copy of book for sale, not a stock image. For condition details, most current pricing, or purchase, please follow title link above.  BTH-5973

Business Mathematics: A College Course. Third Edition. South-Western Publishing Co., 1984. By Loyce Gossage. Very good condition, clean inside (no writing), light wear to edges and corners. Original price stamped on first page. Cover has a few light marks and scratches, and edges have a couple  of spots.  Contains index and answers to odd-numbered problems.  This is a good basic text on College Business Mathematics. It includes the math needed by business owners for figuring profits and understanding the terms on the tax and accounting forms. 596 pages. BTH-5149. $3.50


Geometry the Easy Way by Lawrence S. Leff. Barron's Educational, 1984, 11th printing. This book is an ideal student self-help supplement. It offers valuable overviews of course work and extra help with difficult subject areas. Covers the "how" and "why" of geometry. Includes hundreds of examples and exercises with solutions. Includes more than 700 drawings, graphs, and tables. Paperback / 343Pages / 7-13/16" x 10-7/8" BT-3503. $6.00-U B

HBJ Mathematics, Grade 5. Hardcover, 1981. Overall good condition.Covers basic operations, problem solving, geometry, fractions and decimals, measurement, graphing, and probability. Contains extra practice and enrichment pages, measurement tables, symbol list, glossary, and index.. 374 pages. Image used is of actual copy of book for sale, not a stock image. For condition details, most current pricing, or purchase, please follow title link above. BTH-6963


How Children Learn Mathematics: Teaching Implications of Piaget's Research by Richard W. Copeland. Macmillan, 1970, first edition hardcover with dust jacket. 310 pages. This book differs from other math methods course books by concentrating more on how children learn math rather than on how teachers teach it. The author suggest the teacher take the role of skillful interviewer and use manipulative materials to help children learn mathematical concepts. Learning theories are discussed, especially Piaget's theory of cognitive development. Various applications of the theory with regards to math instruction, including the first experiences children should have, the development of concepts of number, and how children's geometrical concepts develop, are discussed through the rest of the book. Condition: Reading copy. Book is in good condition with name label on front free end paper. Previous owner name on fore edge in black marker. Another name is in ink on top edge. Dust jacket has several tears and parts missing but both flaps are intact and it stays on and mostly covers the book. BTH-3467. $7.50-U (B)


  Intermediate Algebra  by Raymond W. Brink. Appleton-Century-Crofts Second Edition, 1951. Hardcover, near very good, with no dust jacket. Contains anything a student would need to know about second year algebra. 295 page. Contains tables and answers to odd-numbered problems at the back. Image used is of actual copy of book for sale, not a stock image. For condition details, most current pricing, or purchase, please follow title link above. BTH-5971. $11.95

Math 2 for Christian Schools, Home Teacher's Edition, 2nd Edition. Bob Jones University Press, 1996 Tests with Test Answer Keys are included. Spiral bound with stiff paper covers. Spirals aren't all perfectly shaped, but inside is in very good condition. Tests and test answers are included -- they are 3-hole punched for binders, as from publisher.  Item #099549, 063784 &063768.  BTH-5964 $17.25



Math for Christian Schools, Grade Four, 1980 Edition Set of Student and Teacher Edition. Hardcover. Book begins by explaining why it's important to study math. Each unit begins with an exciting story that imparts a spiritual reminder. Content includes basic operations at grade 4 level, fractions nd decimals, measurement , and problem solving. There is a railroad theme pervading the book. Student book seems to have doubled as a sketch book and some of the doodles are pretty good.  Cover has light edge and corner wear.   Teacher's Edition, 1980, in binder, is in very good condition. Image used is of actual copy of sets for sale, not a stock image. For more condition details, most current pricing, or purchase, please follow title link above. Set is $25.00-U . BTH-5966.




Mathematics is a Verb: Options for Teaching, a Book of Readings by C.W. Schminke and William R. Arnold. Dryden Press, 1971, first edition. 365 pages. In the authors' words, "The purpose of this book is to provide the teacher with a functional, substantive, and pedagogical reference for those concepts children must learn in elementary school mathematics. " Condition: Very good, except for some fading and small wrinkles on the spine. Image used is of actual copy of book for sale, not a stock image. For condition details, most current pricing, or purchase, please follow title link above. BTH-3267.  $9.95-U


Mathematiques 5, Collection Pythagore by Bonnefond, Daviaud, and Revranche. Hatier, 1987. Hardcover, no dust jacket. Since this book is in French, I can't tell you much about it except that I love the crisp, clean look of the text  and the clarity of the color illustrations. it seems to deal with a bit of algebra and lots of geometry and appears to be at the teen level, since many illustrations deal with topics such as cars, computers, and sports. The illustrations also indicate that measurements, fractions, and percentages are dealt with, and there seems to be an abundance of word problems, graphs, and even maps. So I'd guess this is a text with lots of applied math, and although if it were an American book it's markings would indicate Grade 5, I can't believe any American fifth grader could handle this material. The book has 15 chapters which are organized into three parts: (1) Travaux numériques (2) Gestion de données (3) Travaux géométriques. Each chapter includes: Des activités pour s'initier; L'essentiel; Les exercices. Very good condition. Corners are bumped.  223 pages. ISBN#2218078686. BTH-2991. $15.00-U (C)

Measurement Investigations by Tamara J. Drean and Randall J. Souviney. A Dale Seymour Publication, 1992. This book provides detailed descriptions of measurement activity sequences for both primary and intermediate grade (4-6) students. These students will learn to relate math and measurement to their own environment as they learn to define measurable attributes through direct comparison, communicate attributes via identifiable nonstandard units, and develop a thorough understanding of measurement concepts and the need for adopting customary or metric units for standard measurement. The book includes warm-up activities, sequenced activities, extension ideas, games, record sheets, squared paper and other tools, and blackline masters. Customary and metric tables are provided, as are bibliographies. Very good condition with some shelf wear. 134 pages. BTH-3068. 15.99-U


  Prealgebra, by Van Dyke, Rogers, and Barker, Harcourt Brace, softcover worktext. Junior college level. Answers to odd-numbered problems at back. Fair condition. 870 pages + Supplements for Plane Geometry and Special Equations and 7 appendices. Image used is of actual copy of book for sale, not a stock image. For condition details, most current pricing, or purchase, please follow title link above. BTH-5967. $5.99

The Secondary School Mathematics Curriculum 1985 Yearbook, by Christian Hirsch and Marilyn Zweng. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1985. This book contains essays and lectures on curriculum planning issues, new curricular directions in secondary mathematics, innovative courses, programs for talented students, and various three and four year programs including an three-year applied math course for non-college-bound students and courses integrating computers into math instruction. 250 pages. Book is like new. No dust jacket, as issued BTH-3468. $10.00


  Understanding Numbers 6: Mathematics for Christian Living Series, Rod and Staff, 1985.  Covers basic operations, problem solving, percent, banking, measurement, fractions, and graphs on a Grade 7 level. Each unit is followed by review pages and an interesting math-related fact or hint. The Christian world view permeates the pages, and the illustrations portray a Mennonite lifestyle. Hardcover book shows moderate wear. Text pages are mostly clean, but someone has circled problem numbers on some pages in pencil. Image used is of actual copy of book for sale, not a stock image. For condition details, most current pricing, or purchase, please follow title link above.   487 pages. BTH-5969. $7.99


  Arithmetic Enrichment Activities for Elementary School Children: A collection of practical classroom procedures and activities for the enrichment of arithmetic learning  by Joseph Crescimbeni. Parker Publishing1971, 1965. Ninth printing. Hardcover. Contains hundreds of enrichment activities for arithmetic for use in lessons or recreation. Geared to reach students at all learning levels. Arranged by grade for easy reference.VG/G. Owner's name on ffep.. Jacket has chipping and small tears around the edges, some writing on the front, and some rubbing and smears on white background. Cover has light edge and corner wear. Bottom of spine is lightly bumped. Front paste-down is wrinkled at hinge. Text pages are clean and bright. 224 indexed pages. Text has lots of white space for easy-on-the-eyes reference. Numerous drawings and diagrams enhance  the text.  BTH-5970. $9.95

Books You Can Count On: Linking Mathematics and Literature by Rachel Griffiths and Margaret Cline. Heinemann Educational Books, 1992. Workbook size paper. This teaching resource for primary teachers provides a wide range of ideas for using literature to teach mathematics. It includes a mathematical overview, background information , and notes on classroom organization, assessment, and evaluation. It provides lesson outlines based on forty different stories ad poems. For each activity there is a synopsis, preparation for teaching, mathematical goals, , evaluation notes, and ideas for extension. Some of the books used are Ten Nine Eight; The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Teddybears Go Shopping; 1 Hunter; A Lion in the Night; A Bag Full of Pups; The Doorbell Rang; When the King Rides By; Grandma Goes Shopping; The Shopping Basket; The Very Busy Spider; Ten Apples Up on Top; Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar; The Twelve Days of Christmas; Anno's Counting Books; and many more. 100 pages. Very good condition: Light wear to edges and corners. Previous owner labels on both sides of front cover. The are some indentations in a few top page margins where the previous owner used a paperclip to mark the place. Image used is of actual copy of book for sale, not a stock image. For most current pricing, or purchase, please follow title link above.BTH-2990. 13.95-U (B)

  Great Book of Math Puzzles by Philip Heafford. Trade paper, 1st edition. A volume of math teasers, twisters, traps and tricks to puzzle, delight and drive math buffs crazy. This book will take them through math history, symbols, circles, triangles, units, measures, series, permutations, and a whole assortment of number puzzles. Very good condition with minor defects.  Image used is of actual copy of book for sale, not a stock image. For condition details, most current pricing, or purchase, please follow title link above. . BTH-5975. $4.99


More Mathematical People, teen/adult level.


Read Any Good Math Lately? Children's Books for Mathematical Learning, K-6 by David J. Whitin and Sandra Wilde. Forward by Kenneth S. Goodman. Heinemann, 1992. Soft cover. This book shows teachers how to use children's literature to teach mathematical topics such as place value, estimation, large numbers, geometry, measurement, fractions, classification, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and games and puzzles. Illustrations include examples of student work. 206 pages.  Good condition, with moderate wear to cover, mostly at corners and ends of spine. Previous owner name labels on inside front cover and six words in ink on the half-title page. Image used is of actual copy of book for sale, not a stock image. For  most current pricing, or purchase, please follow title link above.BTH-4090. $9.99


The Write Equation: Writing in the Mathematics Classroom by John and Dorothy Carter. Dale Seymour, softcover, 1994.  65 pages. The authors show how journals, essays, and research projects help students learn by putting mathematical ideas into words. These methods help teachers evaluate by giving them insight into student thinking processes. This book will help in getting a mathematics writing program started, suggest ideas for writing topics in middle and high school, provide student writing samples, offer techniques for evaluating writing, provide ready-to-use checklists, and show an example of a unit which integrates writing with other teaching methods for complete learning and assessment. Good condition: Moderate edge and corner wear to wraps, especially on the top. Top corner is dog-eared. This is not a previously owned book, but a store display copy. BT-3213. $12.50-U (A)

Young Children Reinvent Arithmetic: Implications of Piaget's Theory by Constance K. Kamii. Teachers College Press, 1985. Paper. 269 pages. The author demonstrates that at the end of first grade, children who have been encouraged to use arithmetic in their daily lives and in math games do better with numbers than those taught traditionally with worksheets, drills, and flashcards. She has "translated" Piaget's theory into a concrete program of games and activities that will appeal to both children and their teachers. The main focus of the book is a discussion of these games and activities -- how to make and use them and also the reasons and objectives behind them. There is also an account of a real first grade teacher who switched from teaching traditional math to a program where the children "reinvented" math. This book is aimed at teachers, curriculum specialists, and administrators. Used book with moderate wear, mostly to the cover. No underlining. BTH-2541. $9.99

NEW MATH BOOKS: The Straight Forward Series

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