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Anika Scott Series / Animal FriendsSadie Rose / Best Friends
Cul-de-Sac Kids / Twelve Candles / Light Chaser Mysteries Mandie Mysteries
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Christian Fiction for Adults


Anika Scott Series, for girls ages 8-12.  4.45-D

From back cover: "Adventure, excitement, danger, and discoveries about God and how to live his way -- you'll find it all with Anika Scott. Join this twelve-year-old dynamo who always ends up in unusual situations and has to rely on her ingenuity and her faith in God to get her through. Up to date as of July, 2013.

Animal Friends by Janette Oke, Bethany House. These rapidly moving chapter books with reading levels of grades 3-4 will delight children who love animals while teaching them Christian values.

The Impatient Turtle by Oke The Impatient Turtle: Pogo doesn't want to be slow and miss what he perceives as all the fun. He'd rather be someone else. It takes a real fright to help him be thankful he's who he is. BTH-5844. $6.99*

 New Kid in Town by Oke New Kid in Town: Fuzzle the skunk, alone for the first time in his life, tries to make friends with the other forest animals, but none of them seem to want to get close to him. But when he's about to give up, he make a wonderful discovery about a secret weapon God gave him, and by using it he makes a lot of new friends. For ages 6-10. BTH-4845. $6.99*

Pordy's Prickly Problem by Oke Pordy's Prickly Problem: Pordy the Porcupine is afraid of everything. Her mother has to urge Pordy to climb to the safety of a tree because Pordy is afraid she will fall to the ground again. When hunger for the leaves above finally motivates her to climb higher in spite of her fear, she's still afraid to sleep in the trees. Mother is patient, but Pordy still is afraid of everything. It takes danger to her mother to make Pordy move beyond her fear to try to help. For ages 6-10. BTH-5846. $6.99*

Ben and Zack Series: Set during the Civil War. Two resourceful 12-year-old boys --one black, one white -- resolve struggles in extraordinary ways. Full of suspense, intrigue,   and fast-packed action. For ages 8-13.  $5.99* Up to date as of July 21, 2013.

Best Friends Series, by Hilda Stahl. By seeing how the best friends handle their problems, children can learn to apply Biblical truths to their tough moments. For girls, ages 8-12. $3.59-D

Between Two Flags Series by Lee Roddy. This preteen series based on the events and issues for soldiers, slaves, and civilians during the Civil War is for readers 11-14. These are $5.99 each. They are currently out of print and it will be a while before they are reprinted, so supply is limited to stock on hand until then.


Cul-de-Sac Kids, by Beverly Lewis. A chapter book series for both sexes, ages 7-10. Has been very popular with the children at book fairs. Prices as marked below. Up to date as of December 5, 2012.

Light Chaser Mysteries by Mark Weinrich, from Christian Publications, for children 8-12. Rainie and her brother Ryan visit Aunt Amie and Uncle Matt Tate's New Mexico Ranch for their vacation. Often their explorations explode into adventures they don't expect.

Mandie Mysteries by Lois Leppard. This series of Christian mystery adventures set in the North Carolina backwoods at the turn of the century will appeal to girls ages 8-13.


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