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Rookie Science / Rookie Read-About-GeographyNew True Books
Steck-Vaughn Books / Step into Reading
Get Ready, Get Set, Read / All Aboard Reading
Hello Reader / My First Reader / Amelia Bedelia Books
MathStarts: Math Picture Books for Beginning Readers
Usborne Beginners Nature
Boxed Sets for Beginning Readers
Welcome Books: Nonfiction books for beginning readers


This series for beginning readers averages about two short lines of text per page, accompanied by an almost full-page color picture. Some titles have a simple story line; others teach simple language concepts. Designed for ages 4-7, and at a grade 1-2 reading level, they can be used with older children as examples when teaching grammar concepts. Some of the books are identified by reading level. I will indicate these: Level A is for ages 5-6, or K-1; Level B is for ages 6-7 or grades 1-2; Level C is for ages 6-7 or grades 1-2. Many of the books feature children who are not of European descent. Where I am aware of this, I will indicate it with (Af) for African American or (As) for Asian American. Some titles are self-explanatory. I will annotate where necessary. 4.46-D each. Cat. # RR


Animal Babies by Bobbie Hamsa, Level B. 

BabyHouse.jpg (35417 bytes)Baby in the House, by David Marx. At first Eve is not at all happy to have a baby brother, but as he grows and she takes a closer look, she changes her mind and is happy he's there. Level B.

Bears, Bears, Everywhere by Rita Milios. Each picture shows children (of many races) with lots of teddy bears to count. Level B.

Bugs:  Simple text and illustrations of a variety of insects help introduce the numbers one - five. Level B

Catch that Cat by Carl Meister. Young children learn opposites by seeing the labeled illustrations of a cat in various situations. I word per page, including up, down, open, shut, yes, no, etc. Level A

A Buzz is Part of a Bee by Carolyn Lunn: Helps readers learn to see relationships. Level B

Circle City by Dana Rau. While out walking, a child points out all the circles she sees: balloons, tires, bubbles, wreaths on doors, and much more. A good introduction to the circle shape, and a good idea to see how many your child can find when you're out together. Level A

Go-With Words by Bonnie Dobkin. This  title introduces the idea that some things go together like "Night goes with moon and day goes with sun." and invites young readers to think of their own pairs of "together" things. BTH-1692. Level C

If I Were an Ant invites the young reader to view his world from a different perspective: "If I were an ant, a puddle would be an ocean." This can lead to writing or telling about the world from the point of view of some other creature. Level C

JJLovesTr.jpg (12463 bytes)Joshua James Likes Trucks by Catherine Petrie. Joshua James likes all sortsJJluvTrk.jpg (29274 bytes) of trucks -- big, little, red, green, long, short, any kind. Maybe your son does, too. And while you're reading this book, you might mention that all those words that describe the trucks Joshua James likes are called adjectives and each time one is used it changes the picture one has in his head of the truck. Level A. Cover shown at left is old edition. Cover at right is the revised edition. (Click revised Ed. to enlarge it.)I have both in stock.

One Glad Man by Lynea Bowdish. Illustrated by Kristin Sorra. Rhyming text describes the animals, from one to ten, that live with a lonely man in his house. Level B

One Whole Donut, One Donut Hole by Valjean McLenighan illustrates the meanings of those pesky homophones in a way your children will not easily forget. (OOP, 2 left)

Over-Under by Catherine Matthias. Children on a playground tell where you may find them -- in, out, over, under, on, off, etc as they play on and with different kinds of equipment they find. You can use this book to teach your children about propositions. (O/P, one left) BTH-2698. $2.95*

Pancakes, Crackers, and Pizza: A Book about Shapes by Marjorie Eberts and Margaret Gisler. Each child likes to eat, but each like to eat things with a different shape. Level B, Guided Reading Level C (F&P) BTH-2701

Purple is Best by Dana Rau, illustrated by Mike Cressy. As two children paint with red and blue colors, they get mixed up and make purple -- the best color of all. Level B. Guided Reading Level E (F&P) BTH-2699

Purple is Part of a Rainbow by Carolyn Kowalezyk: Discusses how one thing may be part of another ("A Tire is Part of a truck....A tail is part of a mouse" and so on. ) Level B, Guided Reading Level E, Early fluent. 

A Whisper is Quiet by Carolyn Lunn: More word play, mostly with adjectives. Level B. Guided Reading Level D, Early fluent. 



BoxCanB.jpg (29947 bytes)A Box Can by Many Things by Dana Rau. As children use their imaginations, the box they are playing with becomes a cave, a house, a car, a cage, and more. And to think that Mom thought it was just junk to throw out! Click image to enlarge it. Level B. Guided Reading Level E. BTH-2706



Brave Mary by Larry  Brimmer: Everyone says Mary is brave, since she is able to sleep alone in the attic and swim alone in the lake, feed the class snake, and do other things that require courage for someone her age. (O/P, 1 left)

The Carousel Ride by Lynea Bowdish: Although Mara's brother thinks the carousel she wants to ride goes nowhere, Mara knows her imagination can make her horse go wherever she wants it to go. Level B.

Cats by Larry Brimmer: As a little girl plays with her cats they become quite rowdy. Level A

Constance Stumbles (Af) by Patricia and Frederick McKissack. Constance seems to be accident prone, always tripping and falling. She also stumbles at first when she gets a new bike, but finally successfully learns to ride it without stumbling.(OOP, but 3 left)

CumSitSpk.jpg (46094 bytes)Come! Sit! Speak! by Charnan Simon. Ariel wanted a puppy but got a baby sister instead. So she tries to train the baby sister as if she were a puppy. Click on image to enlarge. Level B.

Dirty Larry by Bobbie Hamsa: The author and artist show Larry getting dirty all day at everything he does -- except when he's taking a shower. Level B

Eat your Peas, Louise deals with the problem of finicky eaters. Level B. Guided Reading Level E, Early fluent. 

Elliot Drives Away by Matt Curtis. Elliot is tied of eating vegetables, cleaning his room, and doing other things his parents want him to. He decides to drive away in his toy car, and he has many exciting adventures until his daddy carries him to dinner. Let your child figure out that Elliot must have fallen asleep and started dreaming. Or that he was engaging in the use of his imagination. (OP, 2 left)

Emily's Shoes by Joan Cottle. Emily's mother tells her, "It's time," but not time for what. Emily tries to figure out whether she should put on her soccer shoes, her ballet shoes, her slippers, or her party shoes. But the activity her mother refers to turns out to require no shoes at all. Level B

Feet by Dana Rau: The author and artist show many things that feet can do. Level A

Firehouse Sal by Larry Brimner: What event is so special that four fire engines take off to get there?
Level B

Game Day by Cari Meister: Artist and author recap a baseball game. Level A

Get out of My Chair! by Kathy Schulz: A little girl is determined to get her dog out of her chair until she issues the final ultimatum: "Get out of my chair...or scoot over." Book ends with girl and dog in chair together. Level A

Grandpa's Quilt by Betsy Franco. Grandpa loves his quilt, but it's too short and his feet get cold. The children try to cut the quilt in various ways and sew it together again, until they finally get it to fit Grandpa.

The Great Bug Hunt by Bonnie Dobkin: As two chidren hunt for bugs, the artist shows us what sort fo bugs they are finding (and labels them). We also see them in their habitats. So this story comes pretty close to being a science resource. Level B.

Guard the House, Sam! by Charnan Simon: Rosie always tells her dog Sam to guard the house when she leaves. But guarding the house is hard work and just a bit destructive, as Rosie discovers when she comes home. Level C.

Hands by Dana Rau: A birthday party is the setting for showing what hands can do. Level A

Hello, Doctor by David Marx: This story shows a little boy at the doctor's office, and at the end he is brave during his shot. Level A

Here Comes Trouble by Larry Brimmer: When Wayne comes to visit a girl at her house, he's a real pest, taking and breaking things. When she tattles to Mom, she's reminded Wayne is her guest. And she decides that means she has to share. And when she shares, Wayne turns out to be a good playmate that she invites to come another time.  Level B

HotRodH.jpg (11639 bytes)Hot Rod Harry  by Catherine Petrie shows how Harry's bike becomes a hot rod when he rides it -- in his imagination, of course.

How Many Ants by Larry Brimmer: Ants plan an attack on a tall cake at a picnic. They march off to their destination ten at a time until they arrive -- just after the cake has been eaten. Shows how to count by tens. Level B

ILoveCats.jpg (9845 bytes)I Love Cats by Catherine Matthias. A boy names all the animals he likes, but mentions often that he LOVES cats. Level B

I Love Rocks by Cari Meister: As a girl goes rock hunting, she shares the characteristics of  the rocks she sees (heavy, light, round, square, slimy, etc.) and then tells us some things she thinks rocks are good for (making castles and caves and churches and graves, etc.) Level B Also available in Spanish as Me Fascinan Las Piedras

Ice is...Whee! by Carol Greene: Two children go out on an icy day and comment on how ice looks and feels and what you can do with it. Level B. Guided Reading Level D, Early Fluent

Katie Couldn't by Becky McDaniel. (As) Katie is too small to do much of what her brothers and sisters do, but she’s the only one still small enough for Dad to lift above his head and hold.


Listen to Me by Barbara J. Neasi. (Af) A boy who has questions to ask and things he want to share finds that when his parents and teachers don't have time to talk to  him, Grandma often does.  And he listens to her, too. Picture shown on left is of revised version. (BTH-2704. $4.46-D)Picture on right is older edition. (BTH-2705. $2.95*)Level C, Guided Reading Level G. Also available in Spanish as Escúcheme

Messy Bessey (not revised version)by Patricia and Frederick McKissack will speak to any little messies you may have at your house. Bessey cleans her dirty room, but she does pick up by cramming everything in her closet.(Af)

Messy Bessey ( revised version) by Patricia and Frederick McKissack will speak to any little messies you may have at your house. Bessey cleans her dirty room, but she does pick up by cramming everything in her closet.the only difference between the revised and unrevised version is the art. (Af)

MBbdOver.jpg (46504 bytes)Messey Bessey and the Birthday Overnight by Patricia and Frederick McKissack: Bessey goes to an overnight birthday party and everyone (mixed races) has a wonderful time. But when almost everyone has gone, and the hostess (White) sees the mess that is left, she looks sad. Then, still standing at the door, Bessey remembers "What every guest should know: If you helped to make the mess, clean up before you go." So she goes back in and helps her friend clean up her room. They end up in a sleepy heap on the floor, mop and broom still in their hands when Mom finds them asleep. Click on image to enlarge it. Level C

Messy Bessey’s Closet(Af) by Patricia and Frederick McKissack. In this sequel to the above book, Bessey finally attacks that closet where she crammed everything. Now after she puts things away, she discovers lots of stuff she never uses anymore and decides to give it away. Level C

Messey Bessey's Family Reunion (Af) by Patricia and Frederick McKissack: After Bessey Brown's family has a big reunion in the park with all the aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins, Bessey realizes they left a big mess. She encourages the Browns to clean up the trash, recycle what they can, and leave the park the way they found it. And they do. Level C.

Messy Bessey’s Garden (Af) by Patricia and Frederick McKissack. Now Bessey plants a garden, which is a big success, and not messy at all because she takes care of it. Level C

Messey Bessey's Holidays (Af) by Patricia and Frederick McKissack: As the December holidays of Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, and the New Year approach, Bessey and her mother do a lot of baking together. Then Bessey cleans up the mess in the kitchen and Mother tells her the stories of the holidays. Then Bess and her mother deliver their baked goodies to their neighbors -- according to which holidays they celebrate.  Level C

Messey Bessey's School Desk (Af) by Patricia and Frederick McKissack: Bessey discovers her school desk is a mess -- a disgrace, in fact. So they throws away the useless stuff and straightened out the rest. But she still isn't happy seeing the other messy desks in the classroom, so she organizes the rest of the students with messy desks and shows them how to clean them up. At the end, everyone is happier. Level C.

My Pinkie Finger by Betty Franko. A child tells all the ways he can tell he is growing. He's outgrowing his clothes, he can do things he could not do before, and he wonders how big he will get. Level C.

Sam the Garbage Hound by Charnan Simon. Sam lives in the dump, eating what he can find and sleeping on a rag pile. But he was lonely. One day Rosie and her mother come to the dump to drop things off, and Sam goes home with them. His home changes, but some things are still the same. A clever book, with great pictures. Level C. Guided reading Level G, Fluent.

Sand by Pam Miller: The author shows location, characteristics and uses of sand. Level B.

Secret Code by Dana Rau: What Lucy thinks is a secret code in Oscar's book turns out to be Braille. Oscar is blind, but he shows Lucy how his book works. Level C

See the City by David Marx:  A child and his family visit a city. Level A

Shells by Betsy Franco: Illustrates the many meanings of the word shell. Level B

Shoelace.jpg (48293 bytes)Shoelaces by Suzanne Lieurance: (Af) A little girl is thrilled to be able to tie her shoes. She has a whole collection of shoelaces and shoes to tie. And she's also found some other uses for all those laces. Click on image to enlarge it. Level B.

Six Empty Pockets by Matt Curtis. (Af). Curtis starts the day in his favorite pants that have six empty pockets. The story shows his activities that fill them by the end of the day, when he enjoys the treasures he has collected. Level C. Guided Reading Level F (F&P)

So Many Sounds by Dana Rau: Author and artist show various sounds country children might hear during a day. Level A

Thunder Doesn't Scare Me! by Lynea Bowdish: A girl and her dog are brave during a thunderstorm. Level B

Turn it Off! by David Marx. Illustrated by Jeff Shelly. A child slowly begins to realize how much he is missing when he watches too much television. Level C. Guided reading Level G, Fluent. Also available in Spanish as ¡Apágala!

WaitSkat.jpg (8139 bytes)Wait, Skates! by Mildred Johnson is my favorite of them all. All children who have struggled to learn to skate will identify with this poor boy. But he does finally succeed. (Af) Unrevised, Level C

RevWaitSk.jpg (37483 bytes)Wait, Skates! by Mildred Johnson  is my favorite of them all. All children who have struggled to learn to skate will identify with this poor boy. But he does finally succeed. (Af)  Revised. Click image to enlarge it. Level C.

William's Turn by Anna Hines: William impatiently watches the other children at their games during recess, and asks the teacher every few minutes "Now?" But the teacher always says not yet. Then finally she motions to him and he rings the bell to end recess. Level B.


Rookie Readers / New True/ Steck-Vaughn
Step Into Reading / Get Ready, Get Set, Read
All Aboard Reading / Hello Reader / My First Readers



Rookie Read-About Geography

These are very much like the Rookie Read-About Science books in format, but they take emergent readers on adventures to cities, nations, waterways, and habitats around the world. $5.36-D each.

Bodies of Water

The Mississippi River by Allan Fowler. This book takes young readers on an exciting trip down the Mississippi River, illustrating many of the scenes they would see from its beginning to its end. A map at the beginning shows its path and tributaries and at the end a glossary illustrates important terms. Guided Reading Level J (F&P). BTH-3294. $5.36-D





Europe by Allan Fowler. This book introduces young readers to Europe's landforms, climate, and historic sites. They will tour the Swiss Alps, the Eiffel Tower, the canals of Venice, Buckingham Palace, and more. Includes three maps. Guided Reading Level I (F&P). BTH-3298. $5.36-D


Landforms and Landmarks

Moscow by Allan Fowler.  This book takes young readers on an exciting trip to Moscow, describing and illustrating the people, interesting sights, and daily life in Russia's capital city. A map at the beginning shows Moscow's place in Europe. Guided Reading Level J (F&P). BTH-3295. $5.36-D

Maps and Globes

Looking at Maps and Globes by Carmen Bredeson. This book introduces young readers to maps and globes and explains map scale, the legend, the equator, and what maps represent. It also shows how to use them. Guided Reading Level I (F&P). BTH-3302. $5.36-D

Peoples and Places

Living in a Desert by Alan Fowler. This book takes young readers on a field trip to the desert areas of North America and the world. It illustrates how the desert affects the people who live there, how people make their living, and how irrigation has changed life for many desert dwellers. Guided Reading Level I (F&P). BTH-3303. $5.36-D


Mexico, by Allan Fowler. This book introduces young readers to Mexico and describes its land, people and interesting sights. A colorful map near the beginning shows Mexico's place between the Pacific ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Guided Reading Level I (F&P). BTH-3301. $5.36-D







Rookie Readers / Rookie Science/ Steck-Vaughn
Step into Reading / Get Ready, Get Set, Read
All Aboard Reading / Hello Reader / My First Reader




These books are designed so that children 5-9 can find the facts to answer their questions on subjects of interest to them. The reading level is grades 2-3, the large print is child-friendly for new readers, and the color photos on almost every page draw the child into the text. Includes index and glossary. 5.50 each, Cat.#ChPr-NT

This series is currently out of print. Here are the titles we have left. Supplies are very limited.




Rocky Mountain National Park


These books are secular and may contain an evolutionary bias or old earth view.


Science Experiments


Space Shuttles


The Constitution

The Declaration of Independence

The Flag of the United States


Russian Federation


Rookie Readers / New True / Rookie Science / Steck-Vaughn Books / Step into Reading
Get Ready, Get Set, Read / All Aboard Reading / Hello Reader / My First Reader




These books for ages 6-9 offer a simple presentation of complex body systems, senses and functions. They answer children’s questions about their bodies in language they can understand. Books are 32 pages long and contain full color illustrations and photographs, an illustrated glossary, and an index. 4.95 each, Cat.#RSVP-WA


Moving: Study the relationship between the skeletal and muscular systems that allows movement, and learn about joints, ligaments, tendons, and more. BTH-2353. $4.95*

Touching: Explores the nervous system and why certain stimuli affect different people differently. BTH-2354. $4.95*

Hearing: Covers the structure, function, and proper care of the ear. BTH-2356. $4.95*

Seeing: Covers how the eye works, what causes vision problems, and how they are corrected. O/S

Smelling and Tasting: Explores how we smell and taste things and why it is important to do so. BTH-2355. $4.95*



These have the same format as the health titles. Some titles may have an evolutionary bias. Though the titles are similar to some in the NEW TRUE series, these books have slightly smaller print and more prominent illustrations. Unless your child needs or prefers the very large print, you might like this format better.



The Planets

Exploring Space

The Moon

The Sun and Stars.

Rookie Readers / New True Books / Steck-Vaughn / Step into Reading
Get Ready, Get Set, Read / All Aboard Reading
Hello Reader

MY FIRST READER (Children's Press)

Big, bright illustrations complement each of these 8" x 8" story books. The themes are those the target audience (ages 4-8) can easily identify with and enjoy. Each book uses a limited amount of words to tell the story, and when the reader has mastered those words, he or she will be able to read it. 28 pages each with full-color pictures. 3.95 each. Use ChPr as a catalog number, and order by title.

Ballerina Girl

Bunny, Bunny: Only 24 different words tell a rhyming story of a bunny's day playing out in the sun.

Dog and Cat

Good Night, Little Kitten

I'm Not Scared: 32 different words tell the story of two boys who are fearless of many things. But what happens when the owl hoots as they sleep outside? (OP)


Little Bear CoverLittle Bear (This is not the one by Minarik.) 16 different words discuss little Bear's finicky eating habits, in rhymed couplets.

The Mess: The boy in this rhymed story, (which uses only 20 different words) discovers the best way to be allowed to go out and play after being grounded for having a messy room, is to clean it up.

Where is Jake? This rhymed story, told in only 16 different words, shows a boy and girl looking for their pet dog, who has been snoozing in his house all along.

Rookie Readers / Rookie Science / New True Books / Steck- Vaughn Books
Get Ready, Get Set, Read / All Aboard Reading
Hello Reader / My First Reader


Use RH-Step as Cat.#
All books are the same size, 9" x 6"


STEP INTO READING, LEVEL 1: These picture books for preschool - Grade 1 contain large, simple , colorful pictures with text in very large type for ease in reading. 3.99 each. Use RH-A1 as the catalog number. Titles we stock are ALL STUCK UP (the old tar baby story); BABY MOSES; BIG BIRDS; THE BOOKSTORE CAT (great for those who like cats and books); DAVID AND THE GIANT; NOAH’S ARK; SO HUNGRY; STATUE OF LIBERTY; and TIGER IS A SCAREDY CAT.




STEP INTO READING , LEVEL 2: Designed for grades 1-3, there is more text in these books , with average print, double-spaced for comfortable reading. Ratio of color illustrations to text is still about 1 to 1. Price is 3.99 each, and catalog number is RH-A2. Titles we stock include ; THE BRAVEST DOG EVER; CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS; DOLPHINS!; HEAVY-DUTY TRUCKS; HUNGRY, HUNGRY SHARKS; MONSTER BUGS; THE NUTCRACKER BALLET;  PIONEER BEAR; S-S-SNAKES!; WHALES: THE GENTLE GIANTS; TRUE STORY OF POCAHONTAS; GORILLAS: GENTLE GIANTS OF THE FOREST and WILD, WILD WOLVES.

STEP INTO READING, LEVEL 3: These contain a little more text, but there are still large pictures in sight wherever the book is open. These are designed for grades 2-3. Note the many nonfiction topics. These are 3.99 each, and the catalog number is RH-A3. Titles we stock are AMAZING RESCUES; BEN FRANKLIN AND THE MAGIC SQUARES;  HELEN KELLER : COURAGE IN THE DARK; LITTLE SURE SHOT: THE STORY OF ANNIE OAKLEY;  POMPEII....BURIED ALIVE!; THE TITANIC LOST...AND FOUND; and TUT’S MUMMY: LOST..... AND FOUND.


Rookie Readers / Rookie Science / New True Books / Steck-Vaughn Books
Step into Reading / All Aboard Reading / Hello Reader / My First Reader



These five sets of books are phonetically based. Each set consists of five first books and two "bring it all together" books. The "first books" are all arranged around a particular sound, and the "bring it all together" books incorporate them all. There are also some sight words in each book, which are listed at the back. On each page you will find a very large and colorful picture with one or two lines of very large print text underneath. The stories themselves are very simple, since they are designed around words which have the right sounds. Published by Barron's. 


SET 1: Word families are selected from the short vowel sounds: at, ed, ish, im , op, ug

First Books

Sometimes I Wish, a first book. This story of Trish and the fish teaches two different sounds: ish and im. 24 pages. BTH-4191. $3.56-D

The Bug Club. This story teaches ug-words, as the bug club meets on the rug, near the jug. 24 pages. BTH-4192. $3.56-D


Find Nat. We start with the at sound, in this story of Nat the gnat, and his friends, the rat and the bat. 24 pages. BTH-4193. $3.56-D

The Sled Surprise. Ned, Ted, and Ed build a sled in their shed, in this book of ed-sounds. 24 pages. BTH-4194. $3.56-D

A Mop for Pop. The op-sound features Pop, who has a mop in his shop, plus lots of other op-sounding things. BTH-4195. $3.56-D

Bring-it-All-Together, Set 1

Bat's Surprise. This review book brings together the characters and vowel words in SET 1, which features word families: ug, at, op, ed, ish, and im. BTH-4197. $4.05-D

What a Day for Flying. This review book brings together the characters and vowel words in SET 1, which features word families: uh, og, ip, and an. BTH-4196. $4.05-D


SET 2: Provides more practice with short vowel sounds: an, and, et, ip, og, ub

First Books

Pip and Kip. This story teaches the ip-sound, with words like drip, skip, tip, and sip. BTH-4198. $3.56-D

The Best Pets Yet. In this First Book kids learn pet and yet—but also words such as let, get, and net.  BTH-4199. $4.05-D

Bub and Chub. This pair of friends introduces readers to ub-sound words, including rub, club, and tub. BTH-4200. $3.56-D

Frog Knows Best. Young readers learn the og-sound, with words that include fog, log, and dog. BTH-4201. $3.56-D

The Tan Can. Fan, ran, man, and pan are just a few of the an-sound words children learn from this book. BTH-4202. $3.56-D

Set 2 Bring-it-All-Together books

Where is the Treasure? This review book brings together the long vowel sounds taught in SET 2, which feature the word families: et, uh, og, ip, and an. BTH-4203. $4.05-D

What a Trip! This review book brings together the long vowel sounds taught in SET 2, which feature the word families: et, uh, og, ip, and an. BTH-4204. $4.05-D

SET 3: This set focuses on long vowel sounds: ake, eep, ide, ine, oke, ose, us, ute

First Books

Jake the Snake. This reader teaches the long-a, with words that include snake, fake, lake, and pancake.BTH-4206. $3.56-D

Jeepers Creepers. The long-e appears in words such as sleep, sheep, keep, peep, deep, and steep. BTH-4207. $3.56-D

What Rose Doesn't Know. The long-o sound appears here with different endings in words such as close, suppose, smoke, and joke. BTH-4208. $3.56-D

Pink and Blue. Children see the long-u sound as it appears in several different spellings, including flute, clue, blue, brute, and more. BTH-4209. $3.56-D

Two Fine Swine.  In this First Book children see the the long sounds ine and ide used in a variety of words and they will learn these sight words: eyes, grew, stay, were, took, behind, little, and looked. BTH-4210. $3.56-D

Set 3 Bring-it-All-Together

The Pancake Day. This review book brings together the long vowel sounds taught in SET 3, which feature the word families: Long ake, eep, ide and ine, oke and ose, ue and ute.  BTH-4211. $4.05-D

Hide and Seek. This review book brings together the long vowel sounds taught in SET 3, which feature the word families: Long ake, eep, ide and ine, oke and ose, ue and ute.  BTH-4212. $4.05-D

The rest of this series is still under construction. Art and prices are similar to books above.
Please inquire if you are interested in these books. They are in stock as of this page revision on 1/18-08

SET 4: This set introduces the idea that the word family sounds can be spelled two different ways: ale/ail; een/ean; ight/ite; ote/oat; oon/une.

First Books

By the Light of the Moon

Colleen and the Bean

Dwight and the Trilobite

Whiptale of Blackshale Tail

Old Man at the Moat

Set 4 Bring-it-All-Together

Night Light

The Crossing

SET 5: This set acquaints children with word families that do not follow the rules for long and short vowel sounds: all, ound, y, ow, ew

First Books

Bounder's Sound

How to Catch a Butterfly

Ludlow Grows Up

Matthew's Brew

Tall and Small

Set 5 Bring-it-All-Together

Snow in July

Let's Play Ball

Ready Get Set Read Teacher's Manual by Foster and Erickson. This manual provides extension activities for all the books in the entire series, Sets 1-5. included for each book are focus idea, comprehension questions, a picture discussion activity, and a hands-on activity related to the story. 64 pages. BTH-4205. $10.00*

Rookie Readers / Rookie Science / New True Books / Steck-Vaughn Books
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Catalog number PUT, price, 3.59 each.

We are redoing this page to give you more detailed information. The book list in upper case for each level are books we normally stock but have not had time to describe in detail or picture yet. The more detailed listings we are making as we get new books in or get time update information about the titles we've had longer. We don't stock every title in this series, but we stock the ones we especially like or that have the most educational value. We can order any book in this series you want that is still in print. Just inquire by email.

LEVEL 1: Books at this level have very few words per page, very large type, easy words, lots of repetition, and pictures with visual "cues" to help children figure out the words.


LEVEL 2: These books for grades 1-3 are printed in slightly smaller type. The stories are more complex, but there is still lots of repetition in the text and many pictures. The sentences are quite simple and are broken up into short lines to make reading easier.


LEVEL THREE: This level, for grades 2-3, features books with considerably longer texts, harder words, and more complicated sentences.


Civil War Sub: The Mystery of the Hunley by Kate Jerome, illustrated by Frank Sofo. Grosset and Dunlap, 2002. During the Civil War, the Hunley was a secret weapon for the South and in 1864 it became the first submarine in the world to sink an enemy ship. It should have returned in victory, but instead was never heard from again. Read this to find out what happened. 48 pages. BTH-4226. $3.59-D


A Horse Named Seabiscuit by Cathy and Mark Dubowski. Illustrated by Michael Langham Rowe, includes photos. Grosset and Dunlap, 2003. Seabiscuit started out as a runt, and no one except one man believed he'd ever amount to anything. That one man, Tom Smith, worked to bring out the best in Seabiscuit, and in the end, Seabiscuit defeated the odds and became a powerful and much loved race horse -- and a winner! 48 pages. BTH-4228. $3.59-D


The Monitor: The Iron Warship That Changed the World by Gere Thompson. Grosset and Dunlap, 2003. During an important battle in the Civil War, the Monitor, an ironclad warship, made history, and changed the way wars are fought at sea. But on New Year's Eve, 1862, it sank in a terrible storm. For over 140 years it lay on the ocean bottom until scientists brought part of it to the surface in 2002. 48 pages. BTH-4227. $3.59-D

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These are for preschool to grade 1 children, have giant print and large, colorful pictures. Some come with flashcards for review. They priced as indicated. Catalog number is SCHO-1.

Titles include THE BALL GAME (3.95); SOCCER GAMES! (2.95); WHO AM I? (3.99)



LEVEL 1: For ages 3-6. Giant print, large, colorful pictures. Catalog Number is SCHO-L1. Titles include ITCHY, ITCHY CHICKEN POX (3.50); and WAKE ME UP IN THE SPRING (3.50)


LEVEL 3: For ages 6-8. Catalog number is SCHO-L3


Welcome Books by Children's Press
These 7" x 6" books have simple sentences in large print on one side and a full-page color photo or series of photos on the other. Each introduces a subject  that ties in with various curriculum areas and helps children visualize different times, places, and activities. Each book has a list of new words, a list of book and web resources, and an index at the back.
Colonial America / Making Things / Math

Colonial America Series
The books in this series about colonial America have pictures that could be used even with remedial secondary students, since they are photographs whose subjects are most often teenagers or adults.


Clothes in Colonial America by Mark Thomas. In this book, simple text and photographs show the clothes worn in colonial America. BTH-4299. $4.46-D

Food in Colonial America by Mark Thomas. In this book, simple text and photographs depict some foods and cooking techniques used in the American colonies. BTH-4300. $4.46-D

Fun and Games in Colonial America by Mark Thomas.  In this book, simple text and photographs show some of the games played by children in Colonial America.  BTH-4301. $4.46-D

Homes in Colonial America by Mark Thomas. In this book, simple text and photographs show what colonial American homes were like, inside and outside, and how they were heated and lit. BTH-4302. $4.46-D

School in Colonial America by Mark Thomas. In this book, simple text and photographs show what colonial American schools were like and what children learned in them. BTH-4303. $4.46-D

Work in Colonial America by Mark Thomas. In this book, simple text and photographs show some of the jobs that occupied men and woman in the American colonies. BTH-4304. $4.46-D




Math at the Store by William Amato.  In this book, simple text and photographs show how math can be used at the store as a young girl shops for cupcakes to share with her classmates for her birthday. BTH-4305. $4.46-D

Math in the Car by William Amato.  In this book, simple text and photographs show how math can be used during a drive in the car to a park, counting people waiting to cross the street, calculating how long it should take to reach a destination, and counting cars in the parking lot. BTH-4307. $4.46-D

Math in the Kitchen by William Amato.  In this book, simple text and photographs show how addition and subtraction can be used while making brownies for a bake sale.  BTH-4306. $4.46-D

Math on the Playground by William Amato.  In this book, simple text and photographs show how how children count, add, and subtract while riding their bikes to and playing at a park.  BTH-4308. $4.46-D




Making Things

Watch Me Build a Sandcastle: In this book, a young boy demonstrates how he uses a bucket shaped like a castle, sea shells, and sand to build his sandcastle on the beach. BTH-4297. $4.46-D

Watch Me Make a Bird Feeder:  In this book, a young girl shows how to make a simple bird feeder using a pine cone, string, peanut butter and seeds. BTH-4296. $4.46-D

Watch Me Plant a Garden: In this book, a young boy demonstrates how to plant green beans in his garden.  BTH-42986. $4.46-D


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