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Key to... Workbooks

These satisfy the  hard-to-meet curriculum needs for students who don't easily fit into a regular school program or have special learning difficulties. Key to... workbooks offer a positive alternative to large, expensive textbooks, which students often find complicated and intimidating.

Only one concept is presented per page, so students have time to understand new ideas without being overwhelmed. Hand-written examples and exercises make work seem less intimidating. Vocabulary and reading level are simple. Instructions are clear and direct, so students can work alone or in small groups--giving you more time with those who need extra help.

Save Your Valuable Time
Each book is a complete text/workbook. You don't have to prepare lessons, duplicate pages of problems, or make answer keys or problems sets. Answer books provide actual reproductions of each workbook page and show every solution step-by-step. Support materials also include helpful suggestions for using the workbooks with your class, class progress charts, and reproducible diagnostic and final tests.

Stretch Your Budget with Affordable Low Prices
The extremely low price of these workbooks means each student can have his or her own personal workbook.  Also, whenever necessary, you can replace a lost workbook for a small fraction of the price of buying a new textbook. You can use these as supplemental materials to your regular math curriculum when a student needs help with a concept that's especially challenging to him/her.

Available Subjects

Measurement / Metric Measurement / Algebra / Geometry
Fractions / Decimals / Percents

Other Books from Key Curriculum

Key-5008.jpg (4752 bytes)50 Mathematical Puzzles and Problems, Gilles Cohen, editor. These puzzles and problems from the International Championship of Mathematics have been organized by mathematical themes -- geometry and symmetry, arithmetic and number theory, logic and algorithmic process -- for easy adaptation to your mathematics curriculum. The problems rely more on reasoning than on knowledge. Each book of 50 problems has one problem per page for easy overhead use or distribution. Full solutions are provided. These may  be reproduced for classroom use. you can follow the links to purchase these on line. If books are out of stock I can order them for you or tell you when they are expected in.

    Green Collection: for grades 6-12. It introduces problems such as the four-color map, and magic squares and number mazes. BTH-726. $12.56-D

    Orange Collection: for grades 9-12. This set will challenge most high school students. Students will divide polygons into tilings of congruent shapes; encounter knots, chains and networks; decipher messages and break codes. BTH-1651. $12.56-D

    Red Collection: for grade 9-College. This set is the most challenging, involving distance, vectors, transformations, systems of equations, series, powers, and number theory. Problems use compass and straightedge constructions, trigonometry, the Pythagorean theorem, and synthetic division. BTH-728. $12.56-D

Agnesi to Zeno: Over 100 Vignettes from the History of Math, for grades 9-12

Ambitious Horse: Ancient Chinese Mathematics Problems by Lawrence W. Swienciki, 2001. This beautifully illustrated book is full of problems from ancient Chinese mathematics. These can nicely supplement your algebra, geometry, or middle school curriculum. They cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from elementary to advanced, and they introduce students to a new way of thinking about  mathematical theory and problem-solving. Compare several geometry problems to show how traditional Chinese solutions parallel Western proofs. Supplement the algebra curriculum with  ancient problems involving square roots, quadratic and higher order equations, congruencies, arithmetic series, and the Chinese precursor to Pascal's triangle. Let students compare the  ancient Chinese  use of the decimal system and our own by introducing Chinese numerals and calculating rods. 128 pages. For grades 6-12. BTH-476. $18.86-D


Building a Teen Center: An Integrated Algebra Project by Mary Ann Christina. A Key Curriculum Publication with blackline activity masters for grades 6-10. BTH-730. $17.96-D

Calculus Explorations by Paul A. Foerster, 1998. Drawn from the Instructor's Resource Book for Paul Foerster's innovative textbook, Calculus: Concepts and Applications, this book encourages students to learn by exploring on their own. It can be used to supplement any calculus textbook. Each exploration covers a particular concept or technique in calculus and requires minimal teacher guidance. These activities can be worked with any graphing calculator that's capable of graphing functions, solving equations, and calculating the numerical derivative and definite integral. 133 pages. For grades 11-college.
BTH-4984. $24.26-D

Constructive Assessment in Mathematics: Practical Steps for Classroom Teachers by David Clarke. ©1997. This book demonstrates how to make assessment an integral, constructive part of instruction. It includes a guide to selecting and implementing assessment strategies; tips for recording, interpreting, and communicating assessment information; an annotated bibliography of resources; and a continuum of mathematical tasks suitable for assessment. It's primary focus is on student learning. 87 pages. BTH-477. $17.06-D

EMPower Mathematics Series. This series is designed for adult and alternative students who have struggled with traditional math texts and have not done well. This curriculum will motivate these students with engaging activities that relate to their lives, build their understanding of mathematical concepts, and accommodate their varying skill levels. It can be used as a complete curriculum or books can be mixed and matched according to meet current needs. I am just starting to list these, since they are new. I will list the titles for now and add the details as I have time. Student books are $10.76-D and teacher books are $26.96.

Exploring Math Through Puzzles: Blackline Masters for Making of 50 Puzzles

Exploring the Shape of Space Activity Book / CD Bundle by Jeffrey R. Weeks. This two-week unit was supports an animated video, The Shape of Space (not available here, but a digitized version is on the CD included), and takes students on a tour of the dimensions and possible shapes of space. This book includes not only paper-and-pencil games, but also computer games provided on a CD. On the simulated surface of a torus or Klein bottle, students can solve mazes, work jigsaw puzzles, and create or solve crossword puzzles and word searches. In competition with the computer or against each other, students can play tic-tac-toe or chess on these same wrap-around surfaces. CD requires a java-capable browser and works on Windows or Macintosh. 133 pages. Includes test, answers, and glossary. BTH-4979. $30.56-D

Functional Melodies: Finding Mathematical Relationships in Music by Scott Beall. Key Curriculum Press, ©2000. Music CD included. Take advantage of your students' interest in music to help them understand functions, transformations, and multiple representations of relationships. The engaging activities, blackline masters, and easy-to-use music CD are all you need to help students connect musical ideas to mathematical concepts. No musical training is necessary for these activities. The lessons can be grouped as unit studies or used individually in an algebra or geometry class. In each lesson you will find

The teacher notes point out the conceptual basis for the activities and show you how to incorporate them into your lessons. You will also find teaching tips, questions and answers, and discussion points. 170 pages. For grades 8-12. Pages are punched for three-hole notebook. Key-53378. $26.08-D


Graphic Algebra

A Graphing Matter: Activities for Easing into Algebra by Mark Illingworth, Key Curriculum, 2004. Ease your middle school, prealgebra and algebra students into algebra with fun and real-world applications of variables and relationships that will make them laugh as they graph. The activities in this book will engage the students in problems and experiments in which variables represent quantities they can see and measure. These informal explorations of graphs and equations provide a bridge between the concrete and the abstract and help build a foundation for more formal operations students will later meet in their study of algebra.

 There are problems in these five areas: line plots, looking for patterns, linear graphs, nonlinear graphs, and graphs from equations. Among other things, students will examine Dr. Olivio's Hairy Eyeball Theory, how water gets colder as it gets deeper, how long it takes to recite tongue twisters, how the mass of a Petri dish of alcohol changes as the alcohol burns away, and more -- 26 investigations in all.  There is plenty of resource and lesson plan material to assist teachers, complete answers to problems, and an appendix of reproducible worksheets and graph papers for student use. 188 pages plus another seven in the appendix and some with graph paper to reproduce. BTH-4986. $14.36-D


The Knots Puzzle Book: Looking at Knots in a Different Way...A Collection of Interesting Mathematical Ideas by Heather McLeay.

IsDemFair.jpg (21649 bytes)Is Democracy Fair? The Mathematics of Voting and Apportionment, by Leslie J. Nielson and Michael de Villiers, for grades 7-12. How do you know if an election is fair or represents the will of the people? In this book students have the opportunity to explore the mathematics of different kinds of ballots, election decision procedures, and apportionment methods. All activities use a four-function  or scientific calculator and programs for graphing calculators. Computer techniques are also included. There is also an outline for a student research project. This is a great cross-curricular book to use in conjunction with history and civics to help students understand the realities and responsibilities of living in a democracy. BTH-1533. $17.07-D



Mathematical Quilts: No Sewing Required for grades 7-11.

Key-060X.jpg (33118 bytes)Mathercise: Classroom Warm-Up Exercises by Michael Serra. Each book in this series is a set of 50 blackline master activities designed by Discovering Geometry author Michael Serra as warm-up activities for the beginning of the class period. Each activity takes 10 minutes and includes one reasoning exercise, one sketching or graphing exercise, and space for a review exercise of your own.  Each book is 64 pages. For grades 7-12. $10.76-D each
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Available titles

Catalog Number Title
BTH-735 Book A (Pre-Algebra)
BTH-736 Book B (Pre-Algebra, Algebra)
BTH-737 Book C (Algebra, Geometry)
BTH-738 Book D (Geometry, Advanced Algebra)
BTH-2949 Book E (Advanced Algebra, Precalculus)


The Pattern and Function Connection by Brad S. Fulton and Bill Lombard. 2001. The 11 progressively paced activities, which include blackline-master worksheets and homework pages, introduce students in pre-algebra and algebra to the fundamental concept of function and its multiple representations. Students recognize, graph, analyze, and solve algebraic functions, transitioning from concrete to abstract. Full teacher notes and solutions are provided, as well as an alignment to the NCTM Principles and Standards. 161 pages. Punched to fit three-hole binder. BTH-4987. $21.56

Patty Paper Geometry: Explore Geometry Through Paper Folding with the World's Most Affordable Manipulative for grades 6-10


Precalculus and Trigonometry Explorations by Paul A. Foerster, 2004. Drawn from the Instructor's Resource Book for Paul Foerster's Precalculus with Trigonometry: Concepts and Applications, this book helps students extend their understanding of key concepts in precalculus and trigonometry. Explorations can supplement any precalculus or trigonometry textbook by introducing and reinforcing such topics as trigonometric function properties, regression, vectors, conic sections, and matrix transformations. Complete solutions are included. For grades 11-college. 267 pages. BTH-4985. $24.26-D

Probability Activities for Problem Solving & Skills Reinforcement by Robert Lovell. 1993. Punched for three-hole notebook. This book consists of a series of 61 lesson guides, each designed for one class period. The unique problems spur discussions and motivate students. They will also be reviewing their skills in whole numbers, fractions, and decimals as they improve their problem-solving skills. Palindromes, magic squares, alpha-numerics, brain busters, and problems from The Guinness Book of World Records appear in many lessons. For grades 7-11. Answers for problems are included. 308 pages. BTH-4982. $21.56-D

Probability Simulations with CD-Rom by Mary Jean Winter and Ronald J. Carlson. 2000. The investigations in this book reinforce the basic concepts of probability, can be used to enrich any mathematics curriculum, and are ideal for extended class periods. Any graphing calculator with a random-number generator can be used to complete the 13 probability simulations. Calculator programs for the activities can be downloaded from the accompanying CD onto Texas Instruments TI-82 and TI-83, and Casio™ CFX-9970, 9870, and 9850 graphing calculators, entered by hand from the program listings, or adapted to other calculators following the program annotations. This book will supplement courses in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, integrated algebra, and precalculus. Book is punched to fit into three-hole binder. Answers are provided. 144 pages. BTH-4983. $21.56-D.

Thought Provokers for grades 9-12.

Unfolding Mathematics with Origami Boxes by Arnold Tubis and Crystal Mills, 2006. This book combines the ancient art of paper folding with high school mathematics to help students discover important concepts in geometry. Detailed folding instructions help students fold 28 unique boxes ranging from simple, open designs to self-contained decorative models. Blackline masters and a teacher-friendly design make the activities easy to implement. 180 pages. BTH-4980. $17.06-D

  Visual Approach to Functions by Frances Van Dyke. This series of visual exercises introduces all of the standard functions and applications students encounter in algebra. Lessons consisting of blackline masters and teacher notes and answers are organized into six chapters, each with optional activities that use graphing calculators and motion detectors. The six chapter titles are Distance as a Function of Time, Value as a Function of Time, Exponential Growth and Decay, Investments, Height of a Projectile, and Quadratic Applications. 170 pages. BTH-5095. $21.56-D

A Watched Cup Never Cools: Lab Activities for Calculus and Precalculus by Ellen Kamischke. 104 pages. For grades 10-12. This book provides 10 motivating activities that bring calculus concepts to life. Students explore the  rate of change of the volume of a sphere by sucking on a Tootsie® Roll Pop. They "watch" a cup of hot liquid cool to room temperature to observe the temperature's rate of change. They use a topographical map to compute the volume of water in a lake and then determine how quickly, or slowly, a pollutant will be eliminated from water given the water flow into and out of the lake.  They can use graphing calculators, electronic data-gathering devices, and dynamic geometry software, when available, to investigate functions, continuity, critical points, and limits. Many activities are appropriate as group investigations, and students learn how to present results in a lab report format.

Also included in the book are  11 writing assignments that encourage students to think about the way in which calculus and precalculus concepts relate to their lives and the world around them. BTH-479. $18.86-D. If in stock this will show up if you follow the title link. If out of stock, I can order for you.



Zome Geometry: Hands-on Learning with Zome Models by George W. Hart and Henri Picciotto, 2001. This book uses more than 60 easy-to-follow activities and over 150 explorations to help students build spatial, conceptual, visualization, and geometric skills. They will explore a wide variety of geometry topics, including proportion, symmetry, area, volume, and coordinates. They will learn to prove there are only five Platonic solids and to analyze the thirteen Archimedean solids. They will also discover Euler's theorem and verify Descartes' theorem of angular deficit. They will  have an opportunity to investigate space filling, duality, fractals, and the fourth dimension. Included is an eight-page color insert of full color images of various constructions. 265 pages. Answers and index are found at the back. Can be used with middle school students, but is intended for high school. BTH-4981. $28.76-D


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