Information for Children, Parents and Teachers About Learning Differences


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The Attention Deficit Child: What You Need to Know About Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder -- Facts, Myths, and Treatment, by Dr. Grant Martin, Chariot Victor Publishing, paper. This book was designed to help parents

If your child is abnormally restless, impulsive, easily upset, or hyperactive, you may want to read this. $9.89-D


Gifted Kids' Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook by Judy Galbraith and Jim Delisle. Revised, Expanded, Updated Edition, Free Spirit Press, 1996. Trade paper edition. Find out what "giftedness" means, the truth about I.Q. and other tests and why they cant' be trusted, how to take charge of your life and education and find friends who are right for you, and much, much more.294 pages, resource list, and index. Cat. # FSp-0031. $14.26-D


How to Manage Your Inclusive Classroom by Cynthia Holzschuher. Teacher Created Materials, 1997, reprinted 2004. This book is for teachers who have special needs children in their regular classrooms. It explains the law as it regards children with special needs and provides  an overview of exceptionalities, and advice on providing a supportive  environment in your classroom that can help any exceptional student fit in. There is advice on scheduling the day, and information on learning styles, multiple intelligences , and adapting instruction in all subjects. You will also find an annotated guide to children's literature related to disabilities,  suggestions for learning centers and cooperative learning, information on writing an IEP, and help in making assessments and evaluations. 144 pages. BTH-1218. $11.66-D




School Success for Kids with Asperger's Sybdrome by Stephan M. Silverman and Rich Weinfeld. Prufrock Press, 2007. This book discusses practical strategies for parents and teachers, classroom practices to support success, advice for parents working with schools, and successful interventions for the home.   Also discussed are the characteristics of  Asperger's Syndrome, how parents might recognize it, how to diagnose it, how to raise kids with AS, and how AS individuals get into college, live independently, and find employment. 219 pages. BTH-3801 . $15.26-D

Succeeding With LD: 20 True Stories About Real People with LD (With a Message to Parents and Teachers) by Jill Lauren. Free Spirit Press, 1997, trade paper. In this  book, twenty  talented, optimistic and successful people who have struggled with learning differences tell their stories. They have worked hard, focused on their strengths, and refused to hide their limitations.. They talk about the people who have helped them, remember times they felt frustrated, sad or angry, and they offer some wise advice. You will also find special sections to answer your questions about LD, tips for succeeding with LD, and a list of resources you can turn to for more information. 148 pages. BTH-5138.. $13.46-D

Survival Guide for kids with LD by  Gary Fisher and Rhoda Cummings. Free Spirit Press, 1990, trade paper. Written for children with Learning Differences and their parent and teachers. The book seeks to answer some of the most common questions about LD, why some people have LD, why LD makes it so hard to learn, what goes on in LD programs, how LD affects grown-up life, whether LD people can go to college, and many more. The author gives help, encouragement, and practical advice to LD students -- and the adults to care about them. 96 pages. BTH-1275. $8.96-D

When Your Child has LD by  Gary Fisher and Rhoda Cummings. Free Spirit Press, 1995, trade paper. This book    will answer questions about your child's abilities, self-esteem, school success, friendships, and future prospects, as well as your own ability to cope. You'll receive sound advice for dealing with present problems and also for dealing with the years ahead. The authors explain the five types of LD with their causes and early signs; the ways the LD can affect your child's social and emotional well-being and your family's harmony; your child's legal rights, and yours; how to be your child's advocate with the school; how to cope with advice from "helpful" family and friends; how to help yourself when the going gets tough; and more.  151 pages. BTH-1274. $11.66

Teaching Materials for Children with Learning Differences

Correcting Reversals by Penny Groves. This reproducible book is designed to help parents and teachers assist children who reverse letters and numerals in their writing. The exercises in this book will  help students practice and learn the correct letter formations. They are ideal to use when working with individual children, but they can be incorporated into group lessons. A background in special education is not needed to use this book.

The book begins with establishing a solid understanding of "right" and "left." It reviews these concepts using memory tricks. It also offers rhymes  and memory games to help students recall which way to shape their letters and numbers. 48 pages.
 LL-80020. $5.39-D



Correcting Word Reversals by Penny Groves. This reproducible book is designed to help parents and teachers assist children who reverse certain letters and words  in a backward formation (eg. was for saw.)  This book will  help eliminate that tendency and promote success in printing and spelling. Drawing from her over 25 years of experience in teaching and publishing for special education, the author offers 46 reproducible pages of short, well-tested exercises that improve children's visual tracking and fine motor skills, and stress correct letter and word formation.  A background in special education is not needed to use this book. 
LL-80023. $5.39-D