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Edupress Personal Spelling Dictionaries
Qualify for Title 1 Funds

My Alphabet Book, Edupress / Highsmith, 2008. The first four pages of this book provide a place to practice manuscript printing using the letters provided at the beginning of each line as models. After that, each page has its own letter with space underneath for drawing a picture or pictures for the words that begin with that letter. A list of twelve model words is provided at the top of each page, and there are seven lined spaces for students to write some of those words or to find their own. The first page of the book offers suggestions for making the best use of it. 32 pages, consumable. Students can color the front cover to personalize it. BTH-4918. $1.99.


My Christian Dictionary, Edupress, 1998. This handy 32-page book contains hundreds of words from the Bible in alphabetical order for handy reference when students are writing and don't know how to spell a word they want to use. There is a page for each letter (some pages, such as Y/Z have two letters) with space underneath for students to add their own words. Special pages at the end include thematic pages by subject: Old Testament Books, New Testament Books, Creation, Noah and the Ark, Moses, Exodus, Birth of Jesus, Ministry of Jesus, and Easter Story. Students can color the cover to personalize the book. Out of print. Quantity limited to stock on hand. Click link to see what's still available. BTH-4924. $1.99



 My Phonics Dictionary, for grades 1-3. Provides commonly used word lists with spaces for students to add their own words for each phonetic list. Lists are provided for short and long vowel words, blends, digraphs, and other essential phonics classifications. 28 pages. Handy composition book size. 32 pages. Consumable. BTH-3000. $1.99-B. This is the first edition. I have a a quantity left as I write this. I don't think much but the cover has changed. Check quantity by clicking the title link. See cover at top of page.

My Spelling Dictionary  (1998)for Primaries provides commonly used word lists with spaces for students to add their own hard-to-spell words. There is a page for each alphabet letter and extra pages for numbers, colors, contractions, and holiday words. 28 pages. Handy composition book size.  Consumable.  BTH-1595. $1.75-B. This is the first edition. I have over 100 left as of 9/21/2008. Click link to check quantity. See cover at top of page.

My Spelling Dictionary, Revised, 2008. Unlike the older version, the newer version has a Table of Contents, numbered pages, a more grammatically correct introduction, and a last page devoted to Frequently Misspelled Words. The print size in the newer version is a tiny bit smaller, but is in a very clear typeface which is still friendly for young eyes, and words still have a lot of white space around them. On the Holidays page, the holidays are arranged in calendar order and a couple of new ones have been added. 32 pages. Consumable.  BTH-4914. $1.99

My Word Dictionary. This book will work for middle grades and upper elementary. Lists of common words are listed by classifications: compound words, number of syllables, contractions, plurals (according to rule), suffixes (by suffix), prefixes (by prefix) synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, and homographs. There is plenty of space for students to add their own words, and half a page in each classification is devoted to practice space. Instructions are given in the introduction on how to use the practice space. Students can color the cover to personalize the book even more. There are 32 pages in this composition-size book. BTP-4925.  $1.99

My Word Family Dictionary Level 1, 2- and 3-letter word families. Highsmith, 2008. In this dictionary for primaries or remedial students, the words are arranged in alphabetical order by their ending sounds. So it begins with _ab, _ad and ends with -ug. Simple exercises using the words are provided every few pages to review the words. Each page of listings contains two ending sounds with three example words under it. There are several blank lines for students to provide other words in the same word family. The last page provides space to write a story. 32 pages. Consumable. Students can color the cover. BTH-4916. $1.99

My Word Family Dictionary Level 2: 3- and 4-letter word families. Highsmith, 2008. In this dictionary for primaries or remedial students, the words are arranged in alphabetical order by their ending sounds. So it begins with _ack, _ain and ends with -unk. Simple exercises using the words are provided every few pages to review the words. Each page of listings contains two ending sounds with three example words under it. There are several blank lines for students to provide other words in the same word family. The last page provides space to write a story. 32 pages. Consumable. Students can color the cover. BTH-4917. $1.99

ABC Seek and Spell by Janet Armbrust. Teaching and Learning Company, 2008. Each lesson in this reproducible book focuses on one letter of the alphabet and includes an engaging seek-and-find puzzle along with an accompanying worksheet. Students find objects in the puzzle that start with the letter and then complete spelling activities using those same words. 64 pages. Answers included. BTH-5562. $8.96-D


Activities for Any Spelling Unit for Grades 4-6 by Debbie Connolly. Teacher Created Resources, 2007. Supplement any spelling unit with a variety of activities including word sorts and scrambles, flip books, and fill in the blanks. Spelling contracts help students independently manage their assignments. 64 pages. BTH-5316. $9.89-D

Building Spelling Skills, an Evan-Moor series. This spelling program helps students improve their spelling with lists taken from commonly used English words, commonly misspelled words, and words with common phonetic or structural elements. Each 160-page book contains 30 spelling units with a spelling list, sentences for dictation, and four reproducible practice pages. Included for the teacher's use are forms for testing and record keeping, suggestions for teaching spelling strategies, and an answer key for the exercises.

Personally, if I were going to choose a spelling program from the many out there, I believe this would be the one. The first grade book, for example, has phonetic word lists. The first one contains the following words: an, at, and, am a. The last list has these: book, good, look, wood, took, take, stood, stand. The dictation for the last list includes this sentence: Take a look at this good book. The exercises help students learn proper usage -- not just spelling. Students find mistakes in writing -- a good start in proofreading. They write missing words in sentences choosing from a list underneath the blank. Example from Grade 1 first lesson again: I ____ sad. Word choices are an  am  a. Students match rhyming words in this lesson, as well, and supply missing letters in another exercise.




Contrast this with the lessons in the Grade 6 level. Lesson 1 has the following list: aunt, straight, freighter, waist, agent, acre, mayor, obey, restrain, campaign, persuade, survey, anticipate, famous, fragile, axle, plague, and aptitude. A sample dictation sentence in the lesson is My aunt has a wonderful aptitude for handling fragile plants.  Exercises for lesson one include a crossword puzzle for word meaning, a phonics exercise where students list the words from the lesson that have a long a sound and then they circle the long a sound in each word. They match syllables from two different columns to make spelling words. They edit for spelling in two ways: first they circle one of three words in each row that is spelled correctly. Then they circle misspelled words  (three to a sentence) and write them correctly on the lines underneath. Not only does this kind of exercise help prepare students for standardized tests, but it helps them learn to find mistakes in actual writing -- a skill they will need when editing and revising their own writing. The last list in this book contains such challenging words as peninsula, bureaucracy, archeology, parallelogram, perpendicular, rhombus, and more. And students learn their meanings -- not just how to spell them.

I think these books are great because they teach skills useful in the real world. Students use words, not just memorize meanings. They learn to edit. They build phonics skills in all grades, and they learn about prefixes and suffixes. I highly recommend this series.  Order by series title and grade level (from 1 to 6) Example: Building Spelling Skills Grade 6. $17.99-D


The Common Sense Spelling Program by Gale Graham, includes two books. How to Teach Any Child to Spell ($7.20-D) helps the teacher set up a program to pull a student’s own misspelled words out of his writing. Then in the student book, Tricks of the Trade (10.80-D) the student categorizes and studies his misspelled words. The student book is not necessary, just convenient. Get both books for only 16.20-D.

  Conquer Spelling: Word Lists, Rules, and Activities to Help Kids Become Spelling Heroes by Linda Schwartz, The Learning Works, 2003. This book  of spelling lists and activities is divided into four easy-to-use sections: Words with Prefixes, Suffixes, and More (These include lists based on spelling rules.); High-Frequency Word Lists; Content Area Spelling Words; and Fun with Spelling Words (games, activities to use with any spelling list, and spelling progress charts.) Exercises in the first section are in standardized test format. Student pages are reproducible for classroom use. Answers are included. Eye-catching graphics engage student interest. For grades 4-6. BTH-4552. $15.29-D

Core Skills Spelling Series, published by Harcourt Achieve (Steck-Vaughn), 2008. Books in this series are appropriate for home or school and are easy to use. They provide meaningful activities to help students become proficient spellers. The program is research-based and systematic. Each book contains word lists built around similar sounds and patterns with varied and relevant exercises. The lessons give students multiple exposures to words that help them link spelling to meaning. The lessons contain reading comprehension activities, analogies, word origins, and word families (when appropriate for grade level.) The vocabulary and context activities encourage students to explore word meanings and use words in different contexts. There are challenge sections to provide enrichment and extend spelling skills. I highly recommend these. Books are 128 pages, including answer keys to exercises. Books are available for grades 1-6. Each book is $8.99-D


    Core Skills Spelling Grade 1, BTH-3602. $8.99-D

    Core Skills Spelling Grade 2, BTH-3603. $8.99-D

    Core Skills Spelling Grade 3, BTH-3604. $8.99-D

    Core Skills Spelling Grade 4, BTH-3605. $8.99-D

    Core Skills Spelling Grade 5, BTH-3606. $8.99-D

    Core Skills Spelling Grade 6, BTH-3607. $8.99-D


How to Teach Any Child to Spell by Gayle Graham. This program helps children learn to spell by pulling the child's own misspelled words from his own writing, and then categorizing and studying those words using the student book, Tricks of the Trade. It bunks spelling myths, discusses stages and strategies and using the building blocks of words (consonants, vowels, and syllables). Then there is a lesson plan format for the primary grades and one for grades 3 and up. Appendices include Rules Worth Remembering, Syllable Patterns, Frequently Misspelled Words, and Tutoring Tools. Get both books for only $18.00
If you use the links below to buy these on line with my shopping cart, you need to mention the $18.00 price in the comments section and I'll change the total when I process the card.

    How to Teach Any Child to Spell: BTH-3733.  $8.10-D
   Tricks of the Trade: BTH-3735. $11.70



How to Teach Spelling / How to Spell 1, 2, 3, 4 by Laura Toby Rudginsky and Elizabeth C. Haskell

HTTchSpl.gif (4829 bytes)How to Teach Spelling is a comprehensive resource manual that provides a structured and graded method to plan spelling lessons for one student or for an entire classroom. The program can be used at all grade levels. How to Teach Spelling is an excellent program for teachers who want their students to learn to recognize the sounds in the English language, to decode words, and to spell words correctly by relying on spelling rules and generalizations rather than on memory.

Each lesson builds on previous lessons; phrases and sentences for dictation include words that test the rules that have already been learned. Sight words are also assigned in order of difficulty and incorporated into the phrases and sentences for dictation. At the beginning of each lesson or section, the manual recommends which and how much material to teach at each grade level. The manual also offers a suggested teaching method and typical lesson plan.

How to Teach Spelling has a spiral binding and many other features busy teachers will appreciate. It contains a detailed index and table of contents with grade level recommendations. All words, phrases, sentences for dictation, and material to be written on the chalkboard for students to copy are clearly indicated by large type. Cat.#EPS-1847. $25.00*

HTSpell.jpg (5930 bytes)The four corresponding workbooks, How to Spell 1, 2, 3, and 4, present both the material in the How to Teach Spelling manual and the exercises appropriate for each lesson. The workbooks teach spelling rules and generalizations, provide space for copying words, and indicate when students should write words, phrases, and/or sentences from dictation. The workbooks help students understand and practice the material. Workbook 1 is suited for grade 1, and it can be used with students who can name the letters of  the alphabet and are begining to learn to read. It will reinforce phonics lessons that are being taught. It includes instructions for the teacher on each page. Workbook 2, for grades 2 and 3; Workbook 3, grades 4–6; and Workbook 4,  grades 7–12. Workbooks 2, 3, and 4 have separate Teacher's Keys

Cat. # Title Price
EPS-1848 How to Spell 1:Grade 1 (64 pages) 7.25
EPS-1850 How to Spell 2:Grades 2&3 ((80 pages) 8.25
EPS-1851 Teacher's Key Book 2 (16 pages) 4.00
EPS-1852 How to Spell 3: Grades 4-6 (96 pages) 9.25
EPS-1853 Teacher's Key, Book 3 (20 pages) 4.00
EPS-1854 How to Spell 4: Grades 7-12 (96 pages) 9.25
EPS-1855 Teacher's Key, Book 4 (16 pages) 4.00

Natural Speller, by Kathryn Stout. Design-a-Study, 1997, revised version. This is a comprehensive tool for the teacher to use for any grade level. This outstanding resource has word lists for all grades through eighth, and they are arranged phonetically. It teaches the teacher how to teach spelling, and suggests activities to help students practice the words, use the words to help develop dictionary and grammar skills and to build vocabulary. There are also writing activities to go with the spelling lists.

The Natural Speller also has a section devoted to special word lists: abbreviations, calendar and number words, colors, measurements, contractions, homophones, homographs, irregular verbs, foreign words, and Latin and Greek roots, Another section contains spelling rules. Lastly, there are hints on punctuation and capitalization; models for writing letters, and activities for using prefixes and suffixes. Just about anything related to spelling is in this book. 96 pages. Size is 8.5" x 11." BTH-3376. $22.00*


Bar5671.gif (11460 bytes)Painless Spelling by Mary Elizabeth Podhaizer . English spelling is very tricky, but the ten easy chapters in this book for middle and high school students take the pain out of learning to spell. This book   begins with an interesting history of the English language and goes on to analyze sound patterns, diphthongs, homophones, plural endings, compound words, prefixes and suffixes added to base words, and more. Humorous cartoons help cement concepts into the student's memory. 255 pages with index. Answers to exercises are provided. Cat.# Bar-05671. $8.06


Picture Nouns Flash Cards: These contain simple concrete nouns on one side with pictures to represent them on the other. Ideal for primaries who need to test themselves on spelling words. 8.95. Out of stock

Quick Flip Reference for Phonics: Improve phonics skills at any age with a flip of the page. Parents and teachers can help students improve their reading skills as they themselves become more familiar with phonics rules. Each page is devoted to a different phonics classification with examples and sample words. Classifications include dipthongs, r-controlled vowels, consonant digraphs, final consonant blends, and initial consonant blends. BTH-3004. $3.59-D. Qualifies for Title 1 funds.

Spelling: A Thematic Content-Area Approach, a series of workbooks by Steck-Vaughn. Help students learn to spell the words they will need when writing about the other subjects they are studying. Thematically organized lessons incorporate word analysis of letter patterns, correlations to appropriate literature, writing exercises, and application and extension activities. Students learn 8-11 words per lesson, including words they can select themselves. High-frequency words and tricky, hard-to-spell words are highlighted. Each book contains a record sheet for frequently misspelled words and 96 pages of perforated sheets, including the answer key. These provide good practice for standardized tests. Reproducible for home and classroom use.

    Grade 2 has 240 words, 180 activities.
    Grades 3-6  have 330 words, 270 activities.
                    Each book, 10.79-D

    Spelling Book: Words Most Needed Plus Phonics for Grades 1-6 (Cat #BTH-233, $22.49-D) , by Dr. Edward Fry. It contains 35 lessons for each grade level covered (except grade 1 has only 20), and each lesson has a study sheet which can be duplicated for students. Lessons include a spelling list of instant words in large, easy-to-read, bold-face type, a word study related to phonics, and a list of variant forms of all words introduced. The appendix contains detailed suggestions on how to teach spelling, spelling rules, phonics charts, and parent help suggestions. This book is ideal for classroom or home teachers.

Spellwell: This flexible new spelling series from Educator's Publishing Service, from the author of Explode The Code, teaches grade-level words that follow a particular pattern, as well as words students themselves choose to learn. Its original drawings and game-like activities keep learners interested while they learn to spell. When completed, the program will have 8 workbooks. (Book DD is due this fall.) With just thirty minutes of class time per week, Spellwell adapts to whole-language or phonics-based programs, and easily accommodates children of varying abilities. Each Spellwell lesson focuses on a spelling rule or generalization which students are encouraged to discover and formulate for themselves. Eight to twelve Spellwell words follow the lesson's pattern. Irregularly spelled Outlaw Words are included in each lesson, and space is provided to add from two to eight Classroom Words from topics the class is studying or from students' own reading and writing. Available titles include A, AA (second grade), B, BB (third grade), C, CC, (fourth grade), and D (first semester of fifth grade). DD should be out soon. Each book is good for one semester (A, first semester; AA second semester, and so on. Student workbooks are 6.95* each. Teacher keys ( both semesters in one book) are 2.00*.

Target Spelling from Steck-Vaughn, 2004 edition: An alternative for students with special needs. Books in this series introduce only 6-8 essential spelling words per week and provides a variety of practice exercises for those words all week long, which use a multisensory approach. Types of exercises which frequently appear include recognition in context; visual discrimination; word analysis; writing practice; and creative writing. There are supplementary suggestions for visual, kinesthetic,  and auditory learners.   Words on each spelling list are related phonetically to other words on the same list, but each lesson also has some common "sight" words. The first three books together contain162 of the 220 Dolch Basic Sight Word List. The lists in the last three books include words with more complex linguistic patterns. commonly misspelled homonyms, phonemic patterns with prefixes and suffixes, and words of up to four syllables.  If students complete all six consumable workbooks, which they can do at a comfortable pace in six years, they will have had the opportunity to master 1,260 basic words.  Our price per book is $19.67-D per student edition and $18.59-D per Teacher's Edition. The Teacher's Editions provide a program description, instructions on using the program, activities for various learning modalities, placement tests, dictation exercises, master word list for all books, scope and sequence, reproducible Word Study Sheet, Checklist for Informal Assessment, and Student Progress Graph, and, of course, an answer key.

Grade Level Reading Level Title       Cat # Teacher Edition Cat. #
2-5 1-2 Target 180 BTH-1504 BTH-1510
2-6 2-3 Target 360 BTH-1505 BTH-1511
3-7 3 Target 540 BTH-1506 BTH-1512
4-8 4 Target 780 BTH-1507 BTH-1513
5-9 5 Target 1020 BTH-1508 BTH-1514
6-10 6 Target  1260 BTH-1509 BTH-1515


2001 Edition: Although this edition was published first, I haven't seen much difference between it and the newer edition above except for the cover. There is no mention of it having been revised, so I'm assuming these are backwards compatible. If you need multiple copies, order the new edition, above, since that edition is still available. If you only need one book and it's answer, key, this edition should do the trick. Full description is above. Our price per book is $14.94-D per student edition and $14.13-D per Teacher's Edition. If there is no title link, the title is out of stock and out of print. Use title links to check availability and / or order.

Grade Level

Reading Level

Title       Student Ed. Cat # Teacher Edition Cat. #
2-5 1-2 Target 180 BTH-1516 BTH-1522
2-6 2-3 Target 360 BTH-1517 BTH-1523
3-7 3 Target 540 BTH-1518 BTH-1524
4-8 4 Target 780 BTH-1519 BTH-1525
5-9 5 Target 1020 BTH-1520 BTH-1526
6-10 6 Target  1260 BTH-1521 BTH-1527







Word Wizard software produced by Teacher Created Resources. Add interest to lessons in spelling, vocabulary and other language arts topics. With just a few clicks, you can create motivating games, activities and worksheets. Start by selecting words from a huge, grade-specific word bank. Or use your own word lists to supplement the curriculum you are teaching. Then print your choice of several options: word cards for use in a pocket chart, flash cards, bingo-type games, word cubes, word scrambles, Venn diagrams, word banks or lists with one or more columns, and more. Compatible with Windows and Macintosh computers. Requires Windows 98 or later , Macintosh OS X or later. BTH-5317. $22.49-D



Articles: How Do I Teach English, Part I / How Do I Teach English, Part II
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